Antivax, the nurse injected physiological serum instead of the vaccine

Reception > Economy and politics Pixabay The German nurse allegedly injected more than 8 people with the fake vaccine. people between March and April last. The case could have gone through the cracks, if as it had been mentioned last April in the German press ande, only a few patients were affected. But new information comes to implicate a German nurse from Lower Saxony, reports Euronews

. Strong opponent of the Covid vaccine – 16, the health professional would have injected a false vaccine, physiological serum, not in ten patients, but in more than 8. 427 according to our colleagues.

A scandal in the country, when several of her colleagues had seen her injecting salt water into syringes. Tracing her telephone conversations, investigators discovered that the nurse, who openly declared herself as an antivax, had posted numerous messages on social networks and several others on WhatsApp.

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Elderly people concerned? At the origin of the investigation, one of his colleagues therefore, while the Red Cross nurse initially confessed to having injected salt water into the syringes because she had dropped a vial of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. So it was much more than that. Large-scale fraud, which allegedly took place between March 5 and 16 April.

If the injection of salt water is not dangerous, assure the scientists, all the “false-vaccinated” have been warned and will have to get vaccinated properly this time. During this period, therefore, they were undoubtedly more exposed. Especially since, according to Der Tagesspiegel

, many elderly people would be affected. The nurse in question did not wish to explain his gesture. Last April, the Epernay vaccination center committed an incredible blunder of the same kind. Near 99 people had then also received a dose of physiological serum. >> To read also – The incredible blunder of a vaccination center which injects … physiological serum

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