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Another day of bombing in Ukraine

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Between Wednesday and Thursday there were other Russian bombings on several Ukrainian cities, including Kiev, where one person was killed by bombing debris, and in Merefa, a small town on the outskirts of Kharkiv. Meanwhile, attempts are still being made to reconstruct what happened on Wednesday afternoon in the center of Mariupol, a besieged city in southern Ukraine, where a Russian plane bombed a theater that appears to be hosting hundreds of civilians; for the moment there are no precise estimates on the deaths and injuries, but it seems that the majority have survived. On Thursday, Ukrainian President Zelensky then spoke in connection with the German parliament, asking – as he had in previous days – for military aid and citing precise historical references of the country. On 22 March he will also speak with the Italian Parliament.

Attempts to reach a peace agreement are also continuing. On Wednesday it seemed that Russia was opening some talks, but not all analysts are convinced of the goodwill of the Russian government: it could also be a move by Putin instrumental to the reorganization of its military force in view of new attacks, more effective than those made so far.