“And rub that makes the woman happy”? : alongside teens in sex education

“And rub that, it pleases the woman”? : alongside teens in sex education

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“And rub that, that pleases the woman “? : alongside teens in sex education

“And rub that, it pleases the woman”? : alongside teens in sex education We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. “And rub that makes the woman happy”? : alongside teens in sex education class Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

“And rub that makes the woman happy”? : alongside teens in sex education

12 students from a high school in the suburbs of Paris participate to workshops on sexuality. Their exchanges, spontaneous, instructive and touching, are filmed in the documentary “Option sex education”, broadcast this Tuesday 13 December on France 5.

The story takes place in Villiers-Saint-Frédéric, in the Yvelines. It’s a morning like any other at the Lycée Viollet-Le-Duc. The students, the bag on the back or on the shoulder, enter the establishment one after the other, holding out their foreheads to a high school employee to assess their temperature – Covid requires. A morning like any other except that, on that day, 12 of them have an appointment for a special course: “Sex education option”.

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The adolescents , aged 15 years old and pupils in general or vocational second, were selected on the basis volunteering to participate in a pilot experience: five workshops on sexuality education and led by Thomas Guiheneuc, sexual health worker. Classes are observed and discreetly filmed in the documentary “Option sexual education”, by Marie-Pierre Jaury and broadcast on Tuesday 13 December on France 5, in the program “Le Monde en face” (1).

In video, an excerpt from “Option sex education”

“And rub that, it pleases the woman”?

Between the four walls of a classroom, without any table and the teenagers sitting on chairs facing the speaker, we are far from the timid sex education courses given in college in SVT. Exit the simple and cold mechanics of reproduction, here, we are talking about the pleasure of oneself and others, of consent, of the influences of standards and stereotypes , gendered representations, violence, gender identity, or even sexual orientation.

In practice, to tackle the themes, discuss, learn and understand, the pupils lend themselves to various exercises. Thomas Guiheneuc asks them, for example, to draw and make penises and vulvae. A representation of the clitoris in 3D is shown. “How do you find it in a woman? I know it’s in the vulva… but where is it? ”Asks a student. “And rub that, does that please the woman?” He continues. We explode with laughter in the young assembly.

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Unsurprisingly, embarrassment sometimes hovers above the melee, but in no way prevents them from expressing themselves. “When I saw the diagram of a vulva, I do not know where to place anything (sic), I do not even know what it looks like a clitoris, whereas it is my body”, dares a teenager. During a workshop to address issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, a student said that one day, he “confessed something to a guy” and that the latter “a little. displayed after ”. During discussions around sexual violence, another confides that it took 4 years to tell his parents that at 7 or 8 years old, in a vacation club, an older friend had taken him to a porn site, without being able to see him. ‘he didn’t ask for anything. “The fact of wanting to say no but not being able, it’s really true”

For a little over an hour, touching, spontaneous and above all enlightened adolescents are shown to be seen. They don’t always agree, tell each other, tell each other, confide and learn. Further proof, if needed, of the importance of communication and sex education for children and adolescents.

(1) “Sex education option”, by Marie-Pierre Jaury, broadcast Tuesday 13 December at 20 h 55, in the program “Le Monde en face”, on France 5 . Already available until 12 February 2022 on the france.tv site .