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An intelligence report has been received: there are dramatic differences in the losses of the Russian forces

According to an intelligence summary published by the Ministry of Defense in London, the two richest cities relative to their population, Moscow and St. Petersburg, were relatively little affected by battlefield losses, and this is especially true for families belonging to the Russian elite.

The British intelligence report points out that when Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a state of the country address on February 21, the first two rows of the audience were high-ranking Russian officials, and there is no information that any of them have children serving in the armed forces.

In the eastern regions, however, measured as a percentage of the local population, the death rate is probably 30-40 times higher than in Moscow.

In many places, national minorities suffer the greatest losses: In Astrahány, for example, 75 percent of the losses affect the minority Kazakh and Tatar communities – according to the summary of British military intelligence on Sunday.

According to the report, the consideration of isolating the wealthier and more influential members of Russian society from the war will most likely continue to weigh heavily,

while the Russian Ministry of Defense is trying to find a solution to the ongoing shortage of combat units.

Cover image source: Getty Images