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American intelligence has deciphered who may be behind the series of drone attacks on Russia

Such an insider-directed drone attack may have been the one that targeted the Kremlin on May 3.

American officials believe that Ukraine supplies it with Ukrainian-made drones these sabotage groups. There is no evidence that US-made drones were used.

According to sources Ukraine has established well-established smuggling routesthrough which the drones or their parts are delivered to Russia, where they are then assembled.

It is not known exactly who owns the drones, but probably Ukrainian intelligence elements are among those affected. Volodymyr Zelensky the Ukrainian president only set the framework for the sabotage actions, his approval is not required for each and every operation, US intelligence officers believe.

Although there have been reports of drone attacks inside Russia for months, since the attack on the Kremlin, more and more such things have happened. According to one intelligence source, the Ukrainians may have reached the culmination of their months-long effort.

CNN also wrote that

although senior US officials have publicly condemned the actions inside Russia, American and other Western sources told the paper that they are part of a smart military strategy,

which aims to focus Russian resources on defending its own territory while Ukraine prepares to counterattack.

In private conversations, Ukrainian officials said they will continue the drone attacks within Russian territory.

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