Amel Bent victim of racism: these “insults” which deeply hurt her

Amel Bent victim of racism: these “insults” which deeply hurt her (News) – Amel Bent victim of racism: these “insults” which deeply hurt her As, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “Amel Bent victim of racism: these” insults “which deeply hurt her” Here are the details .. On 23 last November, Amel Bent confided in the documentary Without Filter, broadcast on W9, on the racism of which she was sometimes a victim . “Insults” which deeply hurt her…

These are attacks that she usually prefers not to give credit to. A victim of racism on social networks, Amel Bent has agreed to confide in the documentary Without Filter, broadcast on W9 this Tuesday 23 November. The artist, revealed in the show Nouvelle Star , explained to be the victim of ” insults ”from some Internet users. And to add, somewhat annoyed: ” He there is racism and it is all over the place ”. A difficult situation for the singer who already claimed in My Philosophy , released in 2004, his belonging to ” a working-class neighborhood ” where, she assures, racism does not have his place.

“I am what I am” ” I grew up at 4 000 – Cité de La Courneuve – on the contrary this is what perhaps vaccinated me against all forms of xenophobia and racism , explains Sofia and Hana’s mom, This mutual aid is my reality, that’s how I grew up (…) It’s more after that I realized that it could pose a problem ” Despite the attacks, Amel Bent, born of a Franco-Algerian father and a Moroccan mother -algerian ” born in Oran, remarried to a Togolese Beninese ”, proudly claims her origins. The young woman who, in April 2004, took over alongside Vitaa and Camélia Jordana Marine, the famous title of Diam’s, also considers that the latter, in which the rapper evokes Marine Le Pen and her party, is unfortunately still “completely topical”. “Me Amel Bachir who married Patrick, a Corsican. I am what I am, I have my heritage, I have my identity, but I also married the world, she concludes, J ‘don’t like what’s going on and it was important for me to sing it. ”

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