Amazon: make your own radio, for free, with AMP

Amazon: make your own radio, for free, with AMP Like Clubhouse, but with music. Like the free radios of the 70s, but online. Like Prime Music, but alternating the music with a real live. Like Greenroom, but on Amazon. In short, a product that may seem like many other things, but which is actually something unique of its kind. Born under the aegis of Amazon, it is called Amp and is already available on the App Store (here, but currently only for the US).

Thanks to Amp, anyone has the ability to create their own custom radio. There is music, of course: just choose it from the Amazon catalog, but above all there is the possibility of creating a real radio program in which to talk and interact with other people.

Amazon Amp

We start from the United States, where the new function will be tested in the coming months with the probable involvement of celebrities who will be able to act as a battering ram to propose the new idea to users and attract new subscribers on the Amazon platform. The broadcasts can be listened to via Audible, Amazon Music, Twitch and all devices equipped with Alexa: Amazon puts its entire arsenal on the plate, in short, to create a new audio entertainment, capable of reinventing the world of radio to make it “democratic. “(Or as it would have been described years ago:” user generated “).

As happens with Clubhouse, anyone has the opportunity to connect to the broadcast by asking to access it live: the admin can choose whether or not to grant this privilege and thus manage their own content and programming in the direction. All live, all online, all drawing on the peculiarities of streaming and the new expressive modes it enables – and probably still only explored for a small part.

All that remains is to leave the floor to broadcasts, music and the following images: Welcome to Amp, where people come together to create live, shared radio shows with the music they love. For free.

Anyone can be a DJ, in short. All you need is a microphone, a connection, an Amazon account, a good gab and the innate ability to create communities around themes or skills. To date, access is by invitation, therefore with an extremely limited edition, but the goal is to succeed where Clubhouse has opened an opportunity and too many have not yet been able to seize it.