Amalia from the Netherlands turns 18 and we copy the dress she has chosen for the ceremony -!

The new royals , with international personalities such as Alexandra from Hannover or our princess Eleanor, have been stepping up. They represent a new generation, which seeks to maintain the values ​​of their respective Royal Houses while serving as a breath of fresh air . Little by little they are approaching the age of majority and assuming the functions of their title. The last to do so was Amalia from the Netherlands , who fulfilled her 18 years last December 7, thus recognizing her role as heir to the throne . Amalia with Queen Máxima and King William On the occasion of his birthday and coming of age an autobiographical book was published, a tradition in the Netherlands , where he shows his most personal and intimate side and talks about topics such as mental health or questions about Parliament. The ceremony took place on December 8, in which Amalia pronounced her first official words in the Council of State together with her parents : King William and the Maximum queen. And in the small press conference with journalists, she stated that ” There is no school to be queen (…), that’s why I think you have to look at the past (…) but you also have to go with the times “and that he will try” to give his own interpretation “. Like any institutional and real act, all the details have been measured to the millimeter, including their clothing. Amalia from the Netherlands opted for a dress midi of flowers , with ruffles and a floral pattern, accompanied by a black cloth coat and some. A formal but youthful option, with which has been firm and self-confident : A design by the Dutch firm LaDress with a lot of flight and fluidity, as well as a flattering but understated v neck. Amalia’s model in particular is the Naomi dress, which costs 259 euros: But we have found one more version low cost in case we have fallen in love with the look of Princess Amalia and we want to reproduce it. It is about this model of Miss Selfridge that although it has a different color, its pattern and fabric are very similar, by 18, 99 euros: Miss Selfridge midi dress You can be up to date and at all times informed of the main offers and news of Jared Shopping in our channel Telegram or in our profiles of Instagram , Facebook and magazine Flipboard . Note: some of the links published here are from affiliates. Despite this, none of the articles mentioned have been proposed by either the brands or the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the team of editors. Cover photo | @koninklijkhuis Photos | Gtres, @koninklijkhuis, LaDress, Asos