Amadori's grandson fired from the family business: the case – RB

Amadori’s nephew fired from the family business: the case – RB

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Amadori’s grandson fired from ‘family business: the case – RB

Amadori’s nephew fired by the family business: the case – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Amadori’s grandson fired from the family business: the case – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Amadori’s grandson fired from the family business: the case – RB

Working in the company that bears your surname should usually be synonymous with a guaranteed place from birth and often the position attracts the envy of gossips. But in Amadori it can be said that she does not look at anyone in the face: Francesca, grandson of the founder Francesco Amadori, was fired from the family business , of which his father Flavio is president.

Amadori’s nephew fired from the family business: the company note

The Gesco operating consortium of the Amadori group communicated, with immediate effect, the termination of the employment relationship with Francesca Amadori “for reasons that are consistent and respectful of corporate principles and rules” , although the causes have not been disclosed, specifying that “these rules are valid for all employees without any distinction”.

The 44 of the year worked for almost 20 years in the company that bears his surname , one of the main companies in the agri-food and poultry sector in Italy, founded by his grandfather today 89, who made the slogan associated with his face “Word of Francesco Amadori” one of the most recognizable claims on TV (here we talked about a great Italian brand in risk).

Her niece Francesca had long been the in charge of the communication area of ​​the group as well as the president of Romagna Iniziative , a reality that brings together various Romagna companies with social purposes, including other giants from Cesena Technogym and Orogel and the Rimini Sgr, from which he has already resigned.

The affair has, in fact, required the convening of the assembly of the members of the charity consortium, in which, thanking her for her work, Francesca Amadori was asked to keep her role.

Amadori’s nephew fired from the family business, the reaction: “I’m evaluating initiatives”

The rumors about a possible professional breakup between Francesca and the group managed by the Amadori family, with her father Flavio at the helm, have been circulating for some time (here we talked about the latest vicissitudes of another great family of Italian industry such as Gucci) .

However, the 44 year old does not seem to want to resign herself to the decision and has promised to do battle in the legal seat: “Regarding the news concerning my person – has Francesca Amadori press release – I would like to specify that in the 18 years of working for the family group, I have always operated in an ethically correct manner and in the interest of the company, animated by the feeling of attachment that has always linked me to the company founded by my grandfather Francesco ” .

Regarding the dismissal, he further specified, ” I specify that I am evaluating the most appropriate initiatives to oppose to a provision which I believe to be unfair and illegitimate and which does not concern the violation of any company rule, finding on the contrary foundation in other logics that must be ascertained in the appropriate offices “.

Amadori’s niece fired from the family business, the relationship with the grandfather

Francesca Amadori, like two of her uncles, also gained experience in other companies, before returning to the company created by her grandfather in 1969, which became a leader in the sector in years’ 80, of which he has always said “we remain a family business”.

“My grandfather has many aspects in common with Jobs” Francesca had recently said on the occasion of an initiative, with the print on the t-shirts of a reinterpretation of the motto “Stay foolish, stay hungry” of the Apple founder.

“He too is convinced that with commitment, resourcefulness and passion one can make one’s dreams come true – he said. He always said to me: ‘One step at a time, always with your feet on the ground’. And it encourages me to never feel I have arrived, but always on my way to my destination “.