In Spain, on average, each year they must file an income tax return with the Tax Agency around 21 millions of taxpayers. Now, the CIS data on the perception of citizens about tax fraud shows that almost 5% of those who are obliged to do it have not complied this year, when it was necessary to declare past income 2020. In other words, around 1 million citizens who are subject to this declaration due to their income level did not make it in this fiscal year.

It should be remembered, however, that as this media has advanced, half of the Spaniards affected by a temporary employment regulation file (Erte) in 2020 avoided presenting the income tax return. The latest data from the Tax Agency (Aeat) highlights that until June, the last month to present the declaration of this campaign, only 1. 932. 000 taxpayers recipients of benefits for Erte had presented the declaration. Data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy show that, during the peak of the pandemic in April, workers in Erte reached 3.6 million and the accumulated figure for the year touched 4 million.

However, more than 90% of citizens believe that in Spain there is a lot or a lot of tax fraud and a 61% consider that the Administration makes little effort to avoid it.

Despite a widespread perception of fraud, respondents believe that the majority of people they know actually declare all their income when filing income tax returns (IRPF) (a 75, 9% answered that all, almost all or a lot), compared to 16, 6% who believe that few people , or directly none, complies with its obligations.

When asked if it considers itself conscious and responsible when paying taxes, almost a 92, 7 % see themselves as fairly or very conscientious and responsible. The same question, but referring to all Spaniards, leaves as a result that a 62, 9% believe that they are little or not at all aware and responsible , compared to a 33% who believe otherwise.

Intolerance towards fraud Asked about their tolerance for different types of fraud, a 96, 4% refuse to receive a social benefit to which they are not entitled; a 94% consider little or not tolerant that a large company avoids or avoids paying the Corporation tax ; and a 88, 4% that a small company avoids or avoids taxation by Companies.

Less social rejection, although the majority also for taxpayers, receives setting up a company that operates only on the Internet to pay less taxes (62, 9%), pay without invoice a domestic repair to avoid paying VAT ( 75, 9%), be autonomous and not charge VAT (80, 2%), and be self-employed and deduct personal expenses as business expenses that do not correspond (86, 4%).

The PSOE would revalidate the elections According to the CIS, in the pulse collected from the citizens on the intention to vote in the event that the general elections were to take place tomorrow, the PSOE would win them again ahead of the PP, in this last wave surpassing the main party of the opposition by 7 percentage points.

This is what emerges from this latest survey that already collects the residue of the news of the pardons and the subsequent controversy with the Court of Accounts for the fines applied to the convicted, in addition to the renewal from the Executive in full summer season. And yes, with a better tone in terms of the economy refers to the boost of activity and tourism.

Specifically, the estimates that combine the intention to vote and the sympathy of the respondents attribute to the PSOE the 22, 3% of the support , while the PP collects the 15, 7%, United We Can 9.1% , Vox 6.1%, Citizens 3.1% and Más País 1.8%, among the political forces at the national level.

Although the data that almost most draws the attention is that of the high volume of the electorate that would stay at home and would not go to the polls, a 18% of the total. What, furthermore, accounts for the high degree of disaffection that political parties and their leaders agglutinate among the citizens, precisely at a time when tension is the breeding ground for parliamentary debate between formations.

Other regional forces with high representation are reflected in the figure of ERC, which according to the survey brings together 2.2% of support, and which would continue with 0, 9% of votes the JxCat and PNV formations. On its side, EH Bildu would obtain 0.8% and the BNG of Galicia 0.7%.


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