UN member states are in revolt over the North Korea UN Security Council hacking attempts. North Korean hacker group wants to hack UN countries.

North Korean regime associated with the hacker group, organized by the phishing attacks can threaten to United Nations officials were seenThe North Korean UN Security Council hacking attempt is met with great reaction from governments.

A UN report published last month found that  hacker phishing attacks occurred this year, including at least 11 people representing six UN Security Council countries. UN officials said they learned of the attacks after being warned by an unnamed UN member country.

The attacks on UN members were attributed to the North Korean hacker group known by the code name Kimsuky in the  cybersecurity community. According to the UN report, the Kimsuky operations took place in March and April of this year and consisted of a series of phishing campaigns targeting the Gmail accounts of UN officials.

The North Korean UN Security Council hacking 

North Korea UN Security Council hacking attempts

The emails sent by Kimsuky have been observed to be designed to persuade officials to redirect to phishing pages or run malware files on their systems. These fake emails, which appeared to be UN security alerts or requests for interviews from reporters, were intended to capture UN members’ information.

It was said that the Kimsuky attacks were not only carried out by e-mail, but also by WhatsApp against government members. It has also been alleged that the North Korean hacker group has sent phishing files to certain members dozens of times.

The UN report, which tracks and details North Korea’s response to international sanctions, also noted that this phishing campaign has been active for more than a year. Dating back to August 2019, these attacks were phishing attacks against officials from China, France, Belgium, Peru and South Africa, all of which were members of the UN Security Council at the time of the attack.