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All competition authority licenses are in place to launch the Alteo business

We have already reported that several times before Mol RES Investments made a mandatory public takeover offer with a majority of its shares with regard to all series “A” ALTEO ordinary shares issued by Alteo, with a nominal value of HUF 12.5 each, the Hungarian National Bank approved the mandatory public purchase offer on February 3.

Alteo has now fulfilled its obligation to provide information about it informs the capital market players that the Serbian competition authority has also issued its license, thus Mol RES, the Főnix Private Equity Fund and the Riverland Private Equity Fund have received all competition authority licenses specified in the offer. from the competent competition authorities.

The last time there was an important development in the takeover case more than a month ago, when Alteo published the opinion of the company’s board of directors regarding the mandatory public takeover offer, based on the documents and information available to the board of directors

did not recommend accepting the offer,

not least because the independent expert evaluation estimated the value of the shares to be much higher than the offer price.

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