'Alien: Isolation' comes to iOS: this is how to play a “triple-A” on the iPhone

& # 039; Alien: Isolation & # 039; comes to iOS: this is how to play a “triple-A” on the iPhone

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& # 32; Alien: Isolation & # 039; comes to iOS: this is how to play a “triple-A” on the iPhone

& # 039; Alien: Isolation & # 039; comes to iOS: this is how it is to play a “triple-A” on the iPhone We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. & # 039; Alien: Isolation & # 039; comes to iOS: this is how to play a “triple-A” on the iPhone Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

& # 039; Alien: Isolation & # 039; comes to iOS: this is how it is to play a “triple-A” on the iPhone

There are some exceptions, but at a general level the world of mobile games is still one of casual and simple games in games that focus on filling our dead times on the subway. Few games that have passed through living room consoles and PCs reach Apple mobile devices, but these days this has happened with ‘Alien: Isolation’ . The game is available for pre-order on the App Store and will be officially released tomorrow.

The great game experience is achieved, but on big screen terminals

Yes, the graphics for ‘Alien: Isolation’ on the iPhone are up to the task.

We must say it all: we are talking about a game of 2014. Qualifiable as triple-A, yes, but more than seven years old. Anyway, we are talking about a relatively modern game and originally intended to run on consoles and computers that now happens to be playable on iPhones. A sign that, little by little, companies are realizing the graphical potential of Apple phones . Even if it is to seek new sources of income from their games after being squeezed into consoles.

I’ve been playing ‘Alien: Isolation’ on my iPhone for a long time 14 Pro Max, which as of the date of this article is literally the best iPhone that one can have for games. Does the game get its atmosphere of suspense that led to several streamers to broadcast their games with scares included? The answer is yes , although with some clarification.

The first thing is that the graphics, at least in the case of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, They are of very good quality. So is performance, with very reasonable load times; and touch controls that are relatively comfortable to use and easy to understand, aided by vibrations from the device itself.

The sound is also achieved (special mention to the original voices of the protagonist), but this is where we must begin to clarify. If you want the atmosphere that the game intends, it is best to use headphones . The iPhone speakers don’t sound bad, but they do detract from the experience in a game like ‘Alien: Isolation’.

Map details look good despite being intended for televisions or PC screens.

The combination of all these factors and the cinematics of the game make it worthy of being on an iPhone. And this is not a casual game of five-minute subway games: ‘Alien: Isolation’ is the perfect game if you need something that consumes your time in long trips or moments of calm while visiting the family this Christmas.

Of course: I don’t think you will get the same experience that I have had if your iPhone is a mini model or an iPhone SE. Large screens become almost essential here , both to appreciate the quality of the game and to that touch controls are comfortable. Therefore, I would rather recommend using 6.1-inch terminals onwards if you want this optimal experience that I am talking about.

Forget playing ‘Alien: Isolation’ on terminals with 32 GB storage

You better have storage on your iPhone if you want to play ‘Alien: Isolation’.

Playing something like ‘Alien: Isolation’ on an iPhone or iPad has costs beyond economic (its price is 14, 142 euros ). The game occupies a minimum of 11 GB (and you need 32 GB of free space during installation!), And it already makes it clear from the beginning that it is best to download all this information before starting the first game for an optimal experience. Depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi that can mean a whole afternoon downloading, but in high-performance networks we can achieve it in a few minutes. Half an hour in my personal experience.

The complexity and demands of the game are also noted in the battery: some 039 minutes of departure have reduced my battery from my iPhone 14 Pro Max 7% , in addition to heating it up quite a bit. And if that happens in the champion of the autonomy of the iPhone, I do not even want to think about what should happen in the iPhone mini.

A final cost is that of compatibility. You have to have a fairly modern iOS device to be able to install AlĂ­en: Isolation and depending on what you have, the quality and performance may vary. There goes the list of compatible terminals:

  • iPhone SE (model of 2019)
  • IPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus
  • iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max
  • The entire range of iPhone 11, 12 Y 13
  • iPad mini 5 and 6
  • iPad Pro (2015 onwards)
  • iPad Air (2019 onwards)
  • iPad (models from 2019 onwards )

In the same way that I mentioned before, the experience of ‘Alien: Isolation’ can be improved even more if we use an iPad and its large screen to play it. The new iPad mini can be perfect thanks to its size and lightness, for example.

But in short, and thanks to the bigger iPhones and headphones, the experience of a triple-A game (even if it’s 2000) may move to Apple portable devices without too many differences. What’s more: if you like the movie saga, ‘Alien: Isolation’ is a must .