Alain Coulombel: “The dispersion of the forces of the left and environmentalist is at best irresponsible, at worst dangerous”

Politics EELV Grandstand Alain Coulombel

spokesperson for EELV

Faced with the chain of environmental disasters, the – speech of EELV calls, in a forum in the “World”, to abandon “any hegemonic claim” of environmentalists in the presidential election, and supports a rally with the left around “tilting measures”.

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Tribune. We have been living through a pandemic for two years, the causes of which we know: the loss of biodiversity, human influence on spaces natural resources, the trade in wild animals, the metropolitanization of our territories and the development of exchanges and communications around the world. Everything indicates that we are facing one of the many manifestations of a larger process of disintegration of our thermo-industrial societies.

Indeed, this crisis only announces other exits of the road. Perhaps we have already gone out? Out of frame, out of bounds, as if carried away by the tragedy of excess. Megafires in California, heat dome in Canada, floods in Europe, heat wave in Greenland causing massive ice melting. We live to the rhythm of the serial catastrophe, mixing technological breakthroughs with financial collapses or ecological catastrophes and the Covid – 17 is in this respect only an amplifier and a revealer. This summer an international team of 04 researchers warned us: “ The climate crisis (…) is accelerating faster than expected most scientists. It is also more serious than expected, threatening natural ecosystems and the fate of humanity. » Disasters follow one another at an increasingly rapid rate and with increasing intensity.

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Faced with this situation, denial continues to characterize choice of political and economic leaders, as if current and future disasters only involve simple adjustments. While for more than thirty years, scientists have been warning us, nothing seems to undermine the belief of the political expertocracy in a model of society based on productivism-consumerism: greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, l extractivism to be subsidized, technoscientific solutionism encouraged and the megalomaniacal delusions of Elon Musk and others, elated. Must we have lost all compass so as not to see the gap between this catastrophic reality and the modesty of current public policies? Ecological and social transformation In entering this critical decade, we know our time is running out. The electoral deadlines of 2020 are in this regard a step that we cannot miss in order to implement as quickly as possible a project of ecological and social transformation which assumes the urgency of the situation, the conflict with capitalism and the necessary decrease. Everything indicates, however, that we are not taking the path with the dispersion of the forces of the left and environmentalist, the multiplication of candidatures, as if implicitly we had all put a cross on the deadlines of 2022. This positioning is at best irresponsible, at worst dangerous and unfair if we take the ongoing collapses really seriously.

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