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Airbus is only now beginning to feel that the corona crisis is over

The trend seems to remain positive. “We’re seeing a steady increase in the ability of airplanes to fly as they come off the assembly line.”

he told Reuters, adding that Airbus was fully focused on operations after recent supply chain disruptions.

“The industrial rhythm seems a little more predictable,” Scherer said on the sidelines of an airline conference.

Reuters reported on Thursday that Airbus’ deliveries in May will be 60 aircraft, an increase of about 30% compared to the same month last year, and will bring its deliveries so far this year to more than 220 aircraft.

Airbus expects 720 deliveries for the whole year, which means that deliveries will accelerate significantly after the summer. May data will be published on June 7.

According to Scherer, the recent difficulties extend beyond manufacturers and lie deep in the supply chain, exacerbated by a “brutal” industrial shutdown as the pandemic spread in 2020, followed by a similarly sharp drop in demand.

Airbus and rival Boeing have blamed disruptions in supply chains for recent delays in plane deliveries, and airlines and lessors have complained about unpredictable schedule changes.

The supply chain is expected to be one of the main topics at the International Air Transport Association meeting on June 4-6.

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