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After Saturday’s mass accident, several injured people were discharged home after outpatient care

From the scene of the mass accident, the ambulances transported the injured to hospitals in Győr, Budapest, Tatabánya and Székesfehérvár, Pál Győrfi, spokesperson of the National Ambulance Service, told MTI on Saturday. He also informed that the rescuers arrived at the scene with four helicopters and 16 ambulances, and that ten children and twenty-nine adults were injured.

The police later announced that a body was found under one of the burnt-out car wrecks, the victim was a 44-year-old man.

According to the BRFK’s announcement on Sunday morning, 41 vehicles were involved in the accident. In addition to the deceased man, 39 people were injured; according to the available data, two are life-threatening, twelve are serious, and twenty-five are minor.

Balázs Villányi, the medical director of the Petz Aladár University Teaching Hospital in Győr, told MTI by phone on Sunday that nine injured people were transported to their institution, one of them by rescue helicopter. Four of the nine injured were admitted to the hospital, two adults and two children. Three of the four have serious but not life-threatening injuries. The other five injured received outpatient care.

Ambulances also took nine injured people to the Szent György Hospital in Székesfehérvár. According to the press spokesperson of the institution, Marietta Leffelholcz, one person was treated at the hospital for a broken rib and pneumothorax, another for a broken limb, and a third for a broken sternum. The other injured suffered minor bruises.

Three injured people – two women and a child – were transported to the Dr. Manninger Jenő Accident Center on Fiumei Street in Budapest by ambulances, their condition is stable and not life-threatening, the institution wrote in a statement sent to MTI. One of the women needs hospital observation with a minor pelvic injury. The other woman was admitted with minor injuries and bruises, a two-year-old child was admitted with a femur fracture and bruises that did not require surgical treatment. All three can predictably leave the institute within days, they wrote.

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