After challenging himself to have a dangerous vacation, student gets stuck in Afghanistan

Reading time: 2 min – Spotted on Newsweek

For a somewhat special vacation, Miles Routledge has arrived in Kabul this Friday 13 August, from Turkey. He had planned to leave Afghanistan six days later, on 15 August. But given the current situation in the country, his trip is not going as he had imagined, reports Newsweek .

A physics student at Loughborough University in England, Miles Routledge is a hot topic at the moment. While he thought he could flee the Afghan capital before the Taliban did seized, the terrorist group managed to take control of Kabul on 13 August and the young man from 22 years are now at great risk. On the Twitch streaming platform, he reassures his followers about his situation and reveals to them the reason for his departure for such a country.

The taste of risk Nicknamed “Lord Miles” on several social networks, Miles Routledge explained that he liked to take risks and that he wanted to go to the most popular destinations. most dangerous in the world. “I thought to myself ‘what’s the funniest country I could go to that isn’t boring and that would be different?” , he says. I don’t want to go to London or Spain. I looked for the ten most dangerous countries in the world , then I used that as a to-do list . ”

Why start with Kabul? Quite simply because Afghanistan was first on the list. “I messaged people, watched YouTube videos and it was gone. I figured that as long as the UK and the US were there, I was not afraid. I thought lounging in Afghanistan … that sounded good! ”

Later in the stream,“ Lord Miles ”assured that he had “ no regrets ” about his adventures and continues to keep his Facebook followers informed of his stay in Kabul. “I actually saw a little big, which led me to this situation , he confessed. I knew the risks, it is a bet that I took and that went wrong, despite my confidence and my jokes. ”

Now, rather than lounging around, Miles is stuck in this very real nightmare. “I don’t think I will sleep tonight, I saw too many deaths. I wanted this trip to be a small charity event in which I visit a country different from mine, but now I am mentally devastated. ”

According to Euronews Travel, Miles Routledge is currently supposed to be in a United Nations house with fifty other foreign nationals. He said he contacted the UK embassy as well as government officials but still received no response. As for his university, officials said: “We are in contact with our student and have offered our support. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely. ”