After 27 years of a hermit’s life, he is evicted from his hut

Justin Lewis / Getty Images It was 27 years that David L. lived as a recluse from society in this Canterbury, New Hampshire, United States squat. But since 14 July, the man of 71 years old was expelled and placed in detention for illegal occupation of the property, tell our colleagues from Ouest France . “Everything a man has, you take,” lamented the hermit during his trial. But nothing helps, the octogenarian now has nothing, apart from the support of certain locals and Internet users, affected by the affair.

In the columns of Union Leader, it is one of her friends who testifies: “It was his house, the only one he knew.” And Jodie Gedeon added: “For me that shouldn’t be the end. I know people will always help.” And indeed, on social networks, the media affair led to many proposals to improve the life of the hermit. Modernize the structure, build a road, pay taxes to keep the land… the ideas box is rich. Three different donation campaigns were even organized to find a new home for “River Dave”. An arson? A situation all the more dramatic for David L. as his house burned down on August 4 for a few weeks after his incarceration. A fire whose cause has not yet been identified, the authorities now seeking to understand whether the act was voluntary or not. “We can all assume what the cause is, but you can’t say how it started without the facts,” Canterbury Fire Chief Mike Gamache said. Before concluding: “With the media attention that it was getting, I am not surprised”. >> To read also – Val-de-Marne: his house has been squatted for almost two years

Nestled on a small piece of land accessible only by boat, the small one David L.’s two-story cabin belonged to a family who had abandoned the land from 994, specifies Associated Press. Except that in 1963, the owner decides to demolish the house… and therefore to evict his squatter. In addition to unpaid property taxes, the City indeed alerted him to the poor “disposal of solid and septic waste and potential zoning violations created by the house.”

“We now need to talk to owner and to the lawyer to see if it is possible to rent or sell the land to David. Then, respond to requests from the City, “said her friend Jodie Gedeon on a Facebook post, just after the fire in the House. The installation of an access road and a septic tank would, for example, be interesting avenues for study, according to the latter. 15 years earlier, David L. had moved into this uninhabited cabin and wanted to arrange everything on his own, including solar panels. Among the neighbors, he is appreciated and perceived as a local figure. But the former US Air Force veteran must now be brought to justice. If the judge considers that David L. “does not harm anyone”, the fate of the hermit seems very difficult today. His imprisonment may not exceed 17 days. But the hermit persists: he prefers to end his days in prison, rather than being forbidden to live again on his land. Receive our latest news Every day , the selection of main information of the day.