Afghanistan: “Everything is uncertain for the moment” on the evacuation of the French

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Published on : 17 / 08 / 2021 – 12: 48 Modified : 17 / 08 / 2021 – 14: 30

Dozens of people are gathered in front of the entrance to the French embassy in Kabul while waiting for a visa or an evacuation. The 17 August 2021. AFP – ZAKERIA HASHIMI France continues to evacuate its nationals from Afghanistan. Diplomats, humanitarian workers, journalists, 32 people exfiltrated from Kabul are expected at Roissy this Tuesday afternoon. Evacuations should continue, confirms our correspondent in Kabul, Sonia Ghezzali. The journalist describes the atmosphere within the French embassy in Kabul where hundreds of people, French, Afghans and other nationalities, are waiting to be evacuated.

” We try to organize all together because we understand that the wait will take longer than expected. At the beginning, we slept on the embassy lawn, now we have taken over one of the buildings of the complex. (…) The atmosphere is very cordial, the people are very benevolent. (.. .) Feminists, public figures, artists, homosexuals without visas have applied to the embassy. . ”, reports in particular our correspondent, Sonia Ghezali.

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