Actress, muse, domineering mistress: the 1001 lives of Julia Fox, Kanye West's new companion

Actress, muse, domineering mistress: the 1001 lives of Julia Fox, the new companion of Kanye West

Hello, Welcome to the News site! I will present you all the details of Actrice, muse, mistress dominatrice: les 31 lives of Julia Fox, Kanye West’s new partner here.

Actress, muse, domineering mistress: the 31 lives by Julia Fox, Kanye West’s new partner

Actress, muse, domineering mistress: the 1001 lives of Julia Fox, the new companion of Kanye West We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Actress, muse, domineering mistress: the 31 lives of Julia Fox, the new companion of Kanye West Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Actress, muse, domineering mistress: the 1001 lives of Julia Fox, the new companion of Kanye West

Everything went (really) very quickly: one love at first sight , two dates, and already, a story embellished with official photos. It is Julia Fox who tells it herself in a text written for the magazine’s website Interview , published on January 6: “J ‘ met Ye in Miami on New Years Eve, and the connection was immediate. ” Intoxicated by the “energy” of the evening, the couple decides to extend the festivities four days later, in New York. After attending a performance of the play Slave Play , the musician takes the actress to her favorite restaurant, Carbone, then surprises her: “He had a hotel suite filled with clothes he gave me. It was like in a fairy tale (…) ”A dream evening of which certain moments were immortalized in the very polished photos that accompany the text, by Julia Fox and Kanye West entwined on a restaurant bench to the couple kissing passionately on the floor of their suite, passing by the actress engaging in an intimate fashion show for the musician.

“Who does things like that on a second date?” writes Julia Fox, amazed. Perhaps a rapper accustomed to splashes, to blurring the lines between private life and artistic performance (or decided to make his ex jealous, Kim Kardashian ). As well as a young woman of 31 years who has known, for a long time, how to stage his life, like a real scenario.

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Adapt to survive

We discovered Julia Fox in the excellent thriller of the Safdie brothers, Uncut Gems , released on Netflix in 2019. The Story of a New York Jeweler (performed by Adam Sandler ) which, as the film unfolds, drowns in a spiral of lies, scams and other decisions more deplorable than the last. Including those taken out of love for his young saleswoman and mistress, Julia. A flamboyant and clever girl, determined to use all means to obtain, with him, the place which is due to him. A first role which reveals the talent of Julia Fox and launches her in the cinema. But which is only the new chapter of a protean career, and already busy.

Born in Milan to an Italian mother and an American father, Julia Fox grew up at the age of 6 between several homes in New York, depending on the projects on which her father, an entrepreneur, is engaged. From the city, she espoused the ability to show several facets and to reinvent herself. Julia Fox was a seller of ice cream, shoes or pastries. Domineering mistress, too: when she is just out of high school, she mistreats men for six months. “I had heard of another girl doing it, and that there was no sex, no nudity. It was only a role play, I said to myself that I could do it (…),
-she to Hollywood Reporter in January 2020 . And it was awesome. I really talk about it when people ask me if I’ve ever been an actress. ” She gains material comfort: “I was really making money. Suddenly, I was able to have an apartment, pay my bills. ” His clients? “They were all weird but nice. Submissive men who had problems. At the end, I was like ‘Dude, go to therapy and stop coming here.’ ”

Making your body a tool of power is, very early on, one of the credo of Julia Fox, raised in the Catholic faith and still very religious (she has the words “spiritus” and “sancti” tattooed on each shoulder): “I think the Catholic faith instills guilt in you innately, she declares in iD in 2020. But I believe that not being ashamed gives power. There is so much shame around the female body, it feels like we are responsible for the reaction of others to the female body. But these are our bodies… I am not responsible for the reactions of others to me. »

Make your traumas a work of art

Julia’s life takes other turns: in 1001, she launched with her best friend Briana Andalore a clothing line, Franzisca Fox. Sensual knitwear, on sale on a site that displays a phrase from Françoise Sagan as its motto: “A dress only has meaning if men want to take it off you.”

But it is art that inspires Julia Fox the most. After playing the models and muses for many painters, photographers, but also, in 2014, for the magazine Playboy , she publishes on her own account two photo books, Symptomatic of a Relationship Gone Sour: Heartburn / Nausea (2015) and PTSD (2016): we see naked female bodies, strapped in shibari ropes (the art of Japanese bondage ), bloody faces, or snapshots of breaking text messages.

In 2017, she exhibits a series of paintings painted with her own blood, entitled RIP Julia Fox . Her credo: “to make a gift of her pain”, she explains to Hollywood Reporter , sublimate his traumas by transforming them into works of art. In an interview with the site Dazed in 2014, the young woman reveals that she was diagnosed with borderline personality when she was a teenager, and that she tends to “exhibit impulsive behaviors that impair her judgment and sometimes lead her to make bad decisions.” To 17 years, she confides to New Yorker , she overdosed: “It’s a kind of miracle that I’m fine because that isn’t the case with a lot of the people I grew up with. They’re still on drugs, or in jail. And many died. ”

Young mother

Julia, she goes ahead. The one who admits to praying a lot (and will therefore perhaps soon accompany Kanye West to his Sunday Services) sees her fame extend beyond New York underground circles thanks to the film by the Safdie brothers, of which she is one of the jewels. . Since then, she has appeared in No Sudden Move , by Steven Soderbergh , released this fall, with Don Cheadle and Benicio De Toro. Director, she shot in 2018 Fantasy Girls , about teenagers who prostitute themselves in Reno. Today, she is about to launch a podcast and a book. And exposes himself again to the eyes of the whole world, through his relationship with Kanye West.

A new step in his private life. So far, we know that Julia Fox got married, in 2018, to a pilot, Peter Artemiev. In February 2021, the couple welcomed a baby boy, Valentino, to whom his mother is totally dedicated: “It’s like going through a comb through my life”, she declares in September at Interview . “Everything that is superfluous, unnecessary, falls by the wayside (…). It makes you very humble to know that this little baby is my boss. ” She has since separated from the father, whom she describes on Instagram as “an alcoholic, drug addict and deadbeat”. A few days before Christmas, she split a murderous story, immortalized by the site PageSix , in which she enraged: “This guy left me with a 5 month old baby, a dog, a house and ALL THE BILLS to pay.” It’s bad!!! It is not fair!!” A few days later, Julia Fox met Kanye West. A new life can begin.