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According to the Moldovan president, Moldova can become a full member of the EU by 2030

Speaking at the plenary session of the parliament in Chisinau on Friday, Maia Sandu added that she sees EU accession as the “only chance” for Moldova to be protected from the “Kremlin’s threats”. He again accused Moscow of trying to overthrow the Chisinau government.

According to the President of Moldova, the Kremlin and the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) entrusted the opposition Sor party with the task of dragging Moldova into the war and overthrowing the current pro-European government.

In the capital of the country of 2.6 million inhabitants, there have been regular demonstrations recently, initiated by the pro-Russian Sor party. Its president, Ilan Shor, has been on the run since 2019. Moldovan authorities suspect that he found refuge in his native Israel. He has been sanctioned by Washington on charges of corruption and working in favor of Russia.

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