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According to Erdogan, the victory of the opposition would be a disaster

According to Erdogan, they cannot let the fragmented, directionless opposition take power in the country. The presidential election will be held on May 14, and the unified candidate of the opposition will be Kemal Kilirdacoglu against the current leader. The election was originally scheduled for June 18, but the president finally announced on Friday that he would call it more than a month earlier.

Every election is difficult, but the current critical situation in the world and in our region makes the current one even more important, Erdogan said. In addition to the Russia-Ukraine war, the recent devastating earthquake has put the president’s power in jeopardy, as more and more people are dissatisfied with the way the government handled the disaster.

According to the president, the victory of the fragmented opposition coalition would be dangerous at the moment, which would threaten the twenty years of stability in Turkey.

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