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A song by the Handsome family

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Songs is the daily newsletter they receive the subscribers of the Post, written and packaged by Luca Sofri (director of the Post): and who talks, unpredictably, of songs. One for eachni evening, published here in the Post the next day, sign up here.
Mavis Staples, who is 82 years old and is a great soul and gospel singer, she releases a record of songs with Levon Helm of the Band, recorded in 2011 before he died: it will not be anything special, I think, but she is gorgeous .
He turned 60 today Terence Trent D’Arby, or Sananda Matreya, a good opportunity to put one of his waltzes (let’s not start again, for me it’s a waltz).
I was traveling today in the car and I wanted to hear an old playlist-cauldron of Italian things, and I was struck by the coincidence of two songs from the eighties in which the verses quoted the pleasure of going to vote (together with that of going to the beach) : We are gods by Lucio Dalla e Come live with me by Luca Carboni. It will be a thing of the time, or of the Bolognese.