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A small village in Belgium wins the EuroMillions jackpot of €143 million

origin 1One of the winning numbers in the Euromillons lottery. ©European Broadcasting Union

In a small village in Belgium, a group of 165 people won hundreds of thousands of euros just in time for the holiday season.

The winners come from the small village of Olmen in the province of Antwerp. And on Tuesday they learned that they had all won the EuroMillions lottery after each contributing 15 euros.

Now they will receive around 870,000 euros each.

According to Wim Van Broekhoven, the director of the De Pershoek Olmen newsstand, many of the winners were shocked by the award.

And that “nearly half of the winners” stopped by his shop after the announcement.

The winners’ accounts will be credited with their share of the €143 million prize as the amount is too large to be paid in cash.

While the cash came as a shock to many recipients, some said they already know what they’ll do with the amount.

One person said they will split it between their three children and eight grandchildren.

And another said he would extend his vacation.

“I had already booked for New York. My dream has always been to spend a few months in America, in the Grand Canyon and so on, and then walk, walk, walk.”

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