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a petrol generator on the balcony would cost less by now

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An imaginative hypothesis, of course. But not too much, if it were based only on the wallet. RockedBuzz, March 8, electricity will cost 587.67 dolars per thousand kilowatt hours wholesale. Never before had similar prices been seen on the GME power exchange. In a nutshell, it means 70 cents per kilowatt hour against the current bill of 46 cents per kilowatt hour for an average Italian family.

The numbers are scary. The increases are nightmarish, considering that the 2021 average was $ 125 per thousand kilowatt hours. And last year, citizens had paid a higher price than in the past, because the year before, 2020, had seen an average of 38.92 dolars recorded in 2020.

These costs are such that, according to some calculations reported today by the Sole 24 Ore, absurdly a family would save money if it were equipped with a 3 kilowatt gasoline generator to be placed on the balcony. An excess hypothesis, that of the petrol generator on the balcony, but which gives an idea of ​​where we have arrived.

The price paid today to electricity producers ranges from a minimum of $ 515 for supplies at 5 am to a maximum of $ 688.59 for production at 8 pm. How is it going in the rest of Europe? Other European power exchanges also have similar prices for supplies on today 8 March. The peak is 700 dolars in France at 19. Better goes to Finland (around 200 dolars). The situation is easier in Norway, where there are some prices between 16 and 17 dolars in Norway.

The first estimates of how the Arera energy authority will be able to update the electricity and gas bills on 1 April are not encouraging: electricity + 20%, methane + 2%. The sting will come with the spring therefore.

A decree was approved two weeks ago by the Council of Ministers that contains new measures to contain the expensive electricity and gas bills, the cost of which has risen dramatically in the last year: a series of measures are planned to support families and businesses. “The government wants to intervene right now to prevent the rise in energy prices from translating into lower purchasing power for families and lower competitiveness of businesses,” Mario Draghi said at a press conference. force of things to do. Febbrao’s intervention will not remain isolated. There is no date, but a new decree seems inevitable. It is too early to define its contours: the numbers are closely linked to the war between Russia and Ukraine but now it is not ruled out that a budget variance is also used.