In the hustle and bustle of the day, sometimes you may get bored, sometimes you need to distract, and sometimes you just want to spend some free time or spare time for yourself. So what do you do in such situations? We do not know about you, but we game lovers, of course, immediately immerse ourselves in games. Lungo APK Download

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When a person is a game-fan, so to speak, he can find a suitable game for all conditions. Our recommendation today allows you to take small breaks and test your logical thinking during these breaks. Lungo APK Download

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Lungo is a puzzle game where you try to fill each line as long as the numbers that correspond to that line.
Although it may seem easy at first, it appeals to everyone from seven to seventy with different sized playgrounds and increasingly difficult levels. Lungo APK Download

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There are different numbers on the squares. We open these numbers to the right and left and up and down by the number of squares expressed by that number. To explain with an example; Let’s say there are 4 numbers in the middle of the playing field. We can fill the squares by opening this number 4 up and down and left and right. However, we need to consider other figures on the playing field. Because the number of squares filled by any number should not collide with each other. Lungo APK Download

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It may sound a bit complicated until you get used to it, but as you get used to it, you both become practical and soon feel the addictive effect. Apart from filling the squares, you will also see the squares marked in gray on the game field. In some cases, you should make sure that the squares you fill in according to the number of numbers pass over this gray point. When you do everything correctly, you move on to the next section. Lungo APK Download

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Lungo APK Download: Why We Love It?

  • With its simple but difficult, easy-to-play but thought-provoking structure, it gives the answer to the question of how to make a minimalist game.
  • You can choose any of the playgrounds, each of which has 150 sections and consists of 4×5, 5×7 and 6×9 squares.
  • It also draws attention with its details such as the tips you can use in the places you have difficulties, the fact that it does not require internet and contains the dark mode that we are used to see in applications.

Lungo APK Download: We Will Tell You Before You Ask!

  • How much space does it take on my phone?: 56.02 MB
  • Is there a global language option?: No
  • Are there any in-app purchases?: Yes
  • Do I need to be logged in to use it?: No

About game

Lungo is a minimalist logic puzzle game that will thoroughly test your logical thinking. There are 450 short puzzles so it is great to play these brain teasers in short breaks for example in public transport. Playing this game is a great exercise for your brain and logical thinking.

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Lungo has these main features:

  1. hints
  2. dark mode
  3. easy tutorial
  4. hundreds of levels
  5. multiple languages
  6. minimalist and relaxing design
  7. free and simple logic game
  8. offline brain teasers

Although the puzzles look simple and easy at first sight, it may surprise you how challenging the game can be. After you get to know the main logical principles, your brain will start to get better and faster at solving more logic puzzles.

How to play Lungo APK Download

Your goal in this game is to drag yellow lines on the grid while fulfilling these three simple rules:

  • The lines cannot overlap
  • You must cover all grey dots in the grid
  • Each line has to reach length given by the corresponding number

As the game grid gets bigger with higher difficulties, you will have to use your logical thinking and deduction before making a move in this minimalist and relaxing logic game.

However, if you get stuck solving a puzzle, you can use hints that will help you get back on track. Or you can undo your last steps.

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This minimalist logic game offers three difficulty levels that are suitable for both absolute beginners as well as experienced puzzle game players with developed logical reasoning and brain skills.

To give you a quick start into this minimalist relaxing game there is an intuitive tutorial so you will learn all you need to be able to solve the logic puzzles and enjoy the brain teasers.