A Jewish Girl’s Guide to Christmas Cookie Boxes

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Crafting the right mix requires strategy. Here are some tips.

My mother gave me her brown eyes, sense of humor, and an intrinsic need to show up at any Christmas-themed event with a box of homemade cookies weighing several pounds, at least. My mother also passed on her Judaism to me, but this is not, as you might think, in conflict with our Christmas cookie obsession.

When I was little, my mother would thrust these boxes into my hands as she sent me off to join the friends that graciously invited me to share in their celebrations. The first sign I was slowly (and delightedly) turning into her came when I got my first job out of college, and began testing recipes in October for the small cookie boxes I planned to pass to each of my coworkers that December.

A box of homemade Christmas cookies is, to me, the perfect gift. It’s thoughtful, beautiful, and almost guaranteed to be appreciated by the recipient. But you can’t just choose any mix of cookies to put in your box. To craft your cookie menu, you should think carefully about the mix of flavors, textures, colors, shapes, and any dietary restrictions your recipients might have. I usually like to make four or five different types of cookies, a mix of Christmas classics and more modern variations on seasonal flavors. It’s a lot to balance, so to help, here are the parameters I use when creating my Christmas cookie menu every year.

My must-have elements in a Christmas cookie box:

My like-to-have elements:

Most of the time, a cookie on the menu combines two or more of these elements. For example: A chocolate sandwich cookie with peppermint creme ticks chocolate, mint, and sandwich off your list. A menu that combines most of these elements, and includes a good variety of textures, might look like this:

I also usually like to include a cookie that’s not at all a classic. One year, I made these Matcha Cookies. Though matcha isn’t an expected Christmas flavor, these are perfectly warm and sweet, and the green is totally festive. Last year, I included these gorgeous Neapolitan Cookies, which were a huge hit.

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