a fund for astrophysics is born

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TRIESTE – A book collection consisting of about 18 thousand volumes and various notes belonging to Margherita Hack: this is what the Foundation dedicated to astrophysics intends to achieve one hundred years after its birth. The initiative was presented today – March 8 – in Trieste, the city that will hold the fund. “The challenge – explained the scientific director of the Foundation, Marco Santarelli – is to officially catalog all the volumes that belonged to Margherita Hack in the Opac system, thanks to an agreement with the Municipality of Trieste. I witnessed the first cataloging at Margherita’s home. : the whole life of her and her husband Aldo was contained in those volumes and in the notes “.

In the coming months, he added, “we will begin cataloging, which” is a tool for spreading culture. “The volumes, as announced today by the mayor of Trieste, Roberto Di Piazza, will then be kept in Palazzo Biserini.” We hope someday. to see the library dedicated to her, as she would have wanted it: open not only to academics and full of young people “, added Santarelli.

The Foundation will return to Trieste on 12 June, the day of astrophysics’ birthday, for the show ‘Galileo’s Journey’ which will be staged at the Rossetti Theater. The work is commissioned and produced by the Tartini conservatory, based on an unpublished score by Ivan Fedele. Among the other initiatives planned for the centenary of the birth, also the “100% Hack Award” for female scientists and entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves for the value of their activities and for the activity of scientific dissemination, whose announcement will be online from tomorrow; a tour in schools with the show “Science in the suitcase”, a scientific dissemination project born from an idea by Hack and Santarelli; and some “dinners among the stars” to support the cataloging activity. We start tomorrow in the L’Argine restaurant in Vencò in the province of Gorizia with Antonia Klugmann; next stops in Milan with Carlo Cracco, in Florence with Massimo Bottura and in Rome with Domenico Stile.