A fondue can be the ideal addition for Christmas meals with family (or friends) and these are … -!

On these dates when we like to meet with family and friends at home, all culinary help that allows us to surprise our guests is little , especially if we are not too good in the kitchen.

A good idea that does not need too many complications is to sign a Fondue. East small gadget allows us to take advantage of the cheese or use it as a star element in the dessert (guaranteed success in both cases). In Amazon we have signed several models from barely 35 euros that will delight our visits and will get us out of more than one hurry:

MasterClass Artesa

The first of our options is this elegant MasterClass in stainless steel, ceramic and wooden base . The fondue is designed to be shared between a maximum of six people, but it does not take up too much space so we can place it on the table without fear of limiting ourselves.

To light the fire in the lower base only we need gel fuel, a safe option since being adjustable we avoid possible accidents. We found it on Amazon -where it has an average rating of 4.4 stars- by 72, 03 euros.

MasterClass Artesà Stainless Steel and Ceramic Fondue Set with Gel Fire for 6 people

Kitchen Craft set

Something cheaper is this cast iron fondue compatible with cheese, meat or chocolate. A very practical option since it takes up little space -although it is designed for up to six people- and the enameled cast iron container retains heat for longer.

It includes an adjustable burner at the bottom that is lit with gel fuel or denatured alcohol (something we can get at any hardware store) and We found on Amazon -where it has an average rating of 4.4 stars- for only 40, 19 euros.

Kitchen Craft masterclass Enameled Iron Fondue Set (with 6 Skewers), Black Color


With a very retro worn and beaten copper effect design, we have this elegant stainless steel fondue that can serve up to six people. A very complete set that allows us to melt cheese or chocolate to fry meat on the same table (and without spending electricity).

The price -is reduced today on Amazon- includes a container of fondue, a burner, a metal grill, a diffuser and 6 forks for just 49 47, 75 euros (it also comes so well presented in a beautiful box that it can be a good Christmas gift).

Artesa Fondue Set in Copper Finishes Beaten in Gift Box, Stainless Steel, 6 People


This fondue by Tristar, unlike the others, is electric and has 1000 w of power, an ability to melt up to 1.5 liters of cheese (or chocolate if we prefer something sweeter) and it is suitable for a snack of up to 8 people (so it includes 8 sticks).

The fondue has with an average grade between more than 1000 4.5 star buyers and Amazon’s Choices recommendation black label. In addition, it is one of the cheapest because we can include it in our kitchen for only 39 34, 47 euros.

Tristar FO – 1107 Multifunctional Electric Pot for Cheese, Chocolate or Chinese Fondue, Volume 1.5 liters, 1024 W, Suitable for 8 People, Matte Black


Finally, we add a touch of color to the table -and not just any one, the red that fits perfectly with the decoration Christmas – with this small cast iron and ceramic fondie for cheese or chocolate.

A model that has the capacity to serve up to six people and that works without electricity thanks to its burner (As with the previous ones, to turn it on we need gel fuel). We have it available on Amazon by 40, 99 euros.

cast iron fondue set cast iron fondue -Set 6 ceramic cheese fondue fork / chocolate cheese fondue

Other outstanding purchases on Amazon Without leaving Amazon and in another different category of products, we list three quite interesting purchases among the favorites on the web:

The most oil-free fryer sold: Aigostar Hayden Pro with 1500 W of power, to prepare fried foods and other dishes in a healthy way by 59, 99 59, 142 euros.

Aigostar Hayden Pro – Oil Free Air Fryer, 1499 W, removable non-stick basket, timer, auto shut off. BPA free. Exclusive design.

The most recommended super-automatic coffee machine: De’longhi Magnifica S with 15 pressure bars to drink freshly ground coffee at home like a pro by 289, 90 euros.

De’longhi Magnifica S – Super Automatic Coffee Maker with 15 Pressure Bars, Coffee Maker for Espresso and Cappuccino, 13 Adjustable Programs, …

Amazon’s Advent calendar: So complete that this year it includes everything from a hair straightener to a Foreo facial cleanser by 69, 95 52, 49 euros.

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