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A European charity rescues 113 migrants off the coast of Libya

origin 1File:The Ocean Viking lifeboat. ©AFP

European charity SOS Mediterranée said its vessel Ocean Viking rescued 113 migrants off the Libyan coast on Monday night.

The group, which included 30 unaccompanied minors and 23 women, was attempting to make the crossing on a rubber dinghy.

Some people were in precarious conditions, were helped aboard rubber dinghies and taken to the organization’s rescue ship where they were assisted by the NGO and members of the Red Cross.

SOS Mediterranée spokeswoman Méryl Sotty said they were now waiting to find out where they could disembark.

Italy provides for stricter controls

This latest rescue comes as Italy’s most right-wing government in decades is considering measures to limit the action of NGOs working to rescue migrants at sea.

He said he wants to discourage charitable rescue missions, arguing they essentially help make the smugglers’ business easier.

The government’s decision to proceed with the so-called “security decree” could be reached in the coming days.

If confirmed, it will mean that NGO vessels will be able to carry out only one rescue before immediately informing the Coast Guard and requesting the assignment of a ‘safe port’.

But aid groups warn that a planned mandatory code of conduct that forces ships into a port after each rescue will prevent them from saving more lives.

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