You can find anything you want on the Internet. Answers to any questions, shortcuts, solutions – any information you need. Interesting Facts However, it’s so much cooler to impress you friends with your knowledge even without peeping at the screen of your gadget! For example, did you know that reindeer change the color of their eyes from gold in summer to blue in winter. These animals may be best known for fictional Rudolph’s glowing red nose, but it turns out, their eyes are quite fascinating too!

The change in eye color helps reindeer eyes capture more light during dark winter months in the Arctic. 


80 Interesting Facts

  1. well you’ve probably noticed that the
  2. colder it is outside
  3. the louder the snow crunches under your
  4. feet
  5. it happens because when the snow
  6. compresses teeny ice greens
  7. rub against each other the lower the
  8. temperature the greater the friction
  9. between the ice grains
  10. and the louder the crunching sound is
  11. hey yes no can you hold it down over
  12. there
  13. thanks adult cats only meow to
  14. communicate with us humans
  15. kittens can meow at their moms but grown
  16. cats don’t interact with each other this
  17. way
  18. scientists have even found that these
  19. animals are great manipulators when it
  20. comes to cat human dialogue
  21. cats can change the pitch of their meows
  22. so that they sound more like crying
  23. babies
  24. they’ve long figured out that this way
  25. they get more food and attention
  26. a reindeer’s eyes change color from gold
  27. in the summer
  28. to baby blue in the winter such a color
  29. shift improves the animal’s vision
  30. because it influences the way the light
  31. gets reflected through the retina
  32. escalator brushes weren’t designed to
  33. clean our shoes
  34. they were invented for much more
  35. important safety reasons
  36. you see escalators tend to break when
  37. people stand too close to their edges
  38. between the side of an escalator and the
  39. wall there’s a gap
  40. it’s almost unnoticeable but if
  41. something like a piece of clothing gets
  42. inside
  43. it may get stuck in the maze of motors
  44. and gears
  45. then the escalator can not only break
  46. down but also damage the foreign object
  47. escalator brushes prevent such accidents
  48. by scaring you away from
  49. nearing the gap as soon as you feel the
  50. bristles on your leg
  51. you instinctively move away
  52. just one bolt of lightning will provide
  53. enough energy for a two-slice toaster
  54. to work for 84 000 minutes it’s also
  55. enough time to cook almost
  56. 100 000 slices of toast really
  57. getting goosebumps when you’re
  58. frightened goes back to the times
  59. when you could only fend off a predator
  60. if you look scarier than your opponent
  61. when you get goosebumps all the tiny
  62. hairs on your body stand up
  63. supposedly making you bigger and more
  64. intimidating
  65. yeah that works for me roosters can be
  66. exceptionally loud
  67. and the question is how do they not go
  68. deaf if this thundering noise is coming
  69. right out of their beaks
  70. simple they have a natural mechanism
  71. that works as built-in earplugs
  72. once a rooster opens its beak and gets
  73. ready to crow
  74. its auditory canals close off and no
  75. sound can come in
  76. that’s not quite fair isn’t it airlines
  77. have minimized the space
  78. allotted to our gluteus maximus from a
  79. comfy 34 inches per seat
  80. to a tight 29. candy’s confusing


shrink-flation but what do you call it

when just the price shrinks

a bargain not only have library fines

been shrinking

some libraries have ditched them all


ironically this made their losses shrink


people return more books when they

aren’t penalized

as you age it’s harder to lose weight

everywhere except the brain

after age 40 we lose about five percent

of our brain weight a decade

we shrink each day that we spend walking

or sitting

the pads between our vertebrae get

compressed by the weight of all the

spine above them

but these pads puff up again while we


until we hit 40 when those discs stop

plumping up like they used to on average

men will lose about an inch and women

will lose two inches

not the gum we chew with our teeth but

the gums holding them together

as we age our gums recede giving the

impression that our teeth are getting


hence the expression long in the tooth a

microsoft study found that

while people had an average attention

span of 12 seconds in the year 2000

it’s now dropped to 8 seconds

that’s less than a goldfish they will

focus for 9 seconds

the ads we watch are designed to shrink

once shot commercials get cut into a

variety of shorter lengths

after you’ve seen the one minute version

expect a 45 second

30 second and a 15 second version to


15 seconds is plenty because the time we

need to pick up media cues has also


that’s why the action in old movies

seems so

slow throughout the 1900s

product jingles for brands like coke and

pepsi were written as songs

complete with verses and bridges today

the 30-second version of a commercial is

the most common show

it’s simply not enough time for the

whole song

but you can still fit in we are farmers

around 360 million years ago there was

so much

oxygen in the air that the earth was

home to giant

insects some of them could spread their

wings up to 28 inches in length

that’s a big bug the word

okay stands for all correct yup

200 years ago it was fashionable to go

around and misspell things for fun

when a newspaper editor wrote all

correct with an o

and a k somebody picked it up

our hands and toes wrinkle when we spend

time in the water

in order to improve our grip when trying

to get wet or submerged

objects before trees appeared on earth

the land was overtaken with giant

mushrooms that could reach 24 feet in


that’s as tall as a giraffe

before lobsters became a delicacy that

only rich people could afford

they were considered a low-quality food

that was only served to the poor

a few hundred years ago even fishermen

use lobsters to bake fish

and fertilize their crops hey

camels have three eyelids to protect

their eyes from sand

two of the eyelids have eyelashes and

the third one is a thin

membrane that acts as a wiper that

cleans dirt from the eyes

unlike regular eyelids the membrane

layer closes

horizontally we blink almost 30

000 times per day if we were to count

how long our eyes remain closed

it would equal a half an hour

the infinity sign is actually called a

lemna skate

and no matter how big a number you think

of it’s always closer to zero

than infinity the rarest blood type

isn’t a b

negative but something called rh null


in the last 50 years only 43 people were

found to have it

because it’s so difficult to find it’s

considered the golden blood

and it’s worth as much as the precious


you know rain has no scent but that

lovely smell that we sniff when it rains

comes from bacteria that live in the

soil rain also gets the smell from plant

oils and minerals released from the soil

a man named steve feltham holds the

guinness world record for the longest

time spent looking

for the loch ness monster he camped at

loch ness

for over 28 years i hear that when he

was tired

you could see him dragging old

mattresses are notably heavier than the

new ones

because of the stuff they collect during

their lifetime

this debris is flaked off skin dust


human and animal hair sand soil

pollen and many more things you probably

don’t want to hear about

now seahorses pair up for life and often

travel around together holding each

other’s tails

by the way it’s the male that carries

the couple’s eggs

you know about albinism but what about

its opposite

melonism melanistic animals have too

much dark pigment in their skin

feathers or hair and unlike their

light-colored counterparts

they look almost black the word

facetious has five vowels in

alphabetical order

if you consider why a vowel then the

word facetiously

has all six and in case you’re wondering


is the longest english word with all its

letters in alphabetical order

the cougar is a guinness record holder

because it has more names than any other


it’s known as the panther mountain lion


and 40 other english 25 native north


and 18 native south american names here


niagara falls has moved back about seven


in the past twelve thousand years due to

erosion at the base

luckily the rate of this process has

reduced over the past few decades

and the waterfall might eventually stop

moving and stay where it is

now the first watermelons were extremely

bitter or simply bland they were

originally cultivated in africa

just for their water content if you

recycle a single glass jar

you’ll have enough energy to keep your

tv running for four

hours astronauts claim that space

smells like a searing steak or barbecue

exactly this odor hangs around after

someone finishes a space

walk other astronauts say space smells

like heated metal

storm clouds may seem to turn dark but

it’s just an illusion

thin clouds on a sunny day let the light

through and scatter all the colors of

the light spectrum

this makes us perceive the clouds as

white but the thicker clouds are

and the more water they contain the less

light they transmit

thus they look darker leaves don’t

really change colors

they just lose their green pigment the

green usually masks the other colors

red orange and yellow so without it

those warmer hues become

visible and leaves lose this green

pigment chlorophyll in the fall

because there’s less sunlight the

chlorophyll can turn into food

your own body makes bug bites swell and


when a mosquito breaks your skin your

immune system perceives the insect

saliva as a foreign substance

and starts making histamine that stuff

sends more blood to the bite

which causes the area to swell histamine

also sends a signal to the nearby nerves

making you itch zebras probably have

their stripes as protection from bug


the stripes seem to dazzle the insects

and they can’t make a controlled landing

they either come in too fast and try to

avoid the collision at the last moment

or they bump into the zebra and bounce


most salt in oceans and seas comes from


rainwater which is a bit acidic flows

over rocks and erodes them

the water collects the dissolved salt

and other minerals

but is still drinkable at this point

once it gets to the ocean

some minerals get removed from the water

but not the salt

additional saltiness comes from

underwater volcanic activity

and hydrothermal vents now

rain makes you drowsy because the sky is


and without sunlight your body produces


the very hormone that makes you sleepy

at night the rhythmic rain sound is


and creates so-called pink noise which

decreases your brain activity

and improves your sleep quality the

ocean isn’t blue

per se it just seems like it its

trademark bluish hue

appears because the water absorbs all

colors from the warmer part of the light


yellow orange and red this works like a

filter that leaves behind the blue green

color we can see

now your dog licks you because it makes

them feel good

it releases endorphins in the animal’s

body making your pooch feel

safe comfortable and happy it also

relieves most of the stress your pet


plus licking is one of the ways your

doggie can show you affection

now cats regularly lick themselves to

prevent skin oils from gathering on

their fur

but it also makes their coats less

waterproof than let’s say a dog’s

that’s why when cats get wet their fur

becomes very heavy

and they don’t like it one bit your


it growls when you’re hungry because

your digestive muscles are contracting

to sort of warm up in preparation for

the coming meal they continue to

contract even after you eat

you just can’t hear it anymore because

the food in your stomach is muffling the


now no one knows for sure why we call it

black friday

probably because stores now open in the

middle of the night

but originally it was likely used to

describe all the heavy traffic depending

on this day

a hippo skin gives off a red oil that

protects the animal from sunburn

yes you could say hippos use sunblock

only their unnatural spf doubles as an

antibiotic cream too

now moose have such sensitive antlers

that they can feel a fly landing on them

there are real flying dragons in the

rainforest of southeast asia

but if you’re expecting a massive fire

breathing reptile

soaring over the poor townspeople tough


it’s a tiny little lizard about the size

of your hand and

it doesn’t really fly it glides over a

short distance

or falling with style

you might know of poisonous plants and

venomous reptiles and arachnids

but there are poisonous birds too the

toxins in their bodies feathers

and skin make it dangerous for predators

to eat them

starfish can cover their prey with their

stomachs and eat it outside the body

then they simply bring their stomachs

back inside

well that’s handy their relatives

see cucumbers can do the same party

trick except they leave part of their

guts behind to scare their attacker

it’s okay the missing parts quickly grow


crows and ravens are the smartest and

sneakiest birds on earth

a raven will follow one another long

enough to find out where the other guy

is hiding his food

then the sneaky stalker takes it for


but the brainiest of them all is the new

caledonian crow

it makes complex tools like hooks and

spears to get

insects out from their hidey holes in

trees and branches

a koala’s fingerprints are almost

identical to human ones

dolphins have highly developed


they call each other by name that is

each dolphin responds to a specific


mostly they say stop calling me flipper

a bird’s feathers weigh more than its

skeleton so there

the most fearless beast on earth that

really doesn’t care

is the honey badger they have virtually

no enemies

because they’re not afraid of anyone one

honey badger can take on a whole pack of

lions and come out

unscathed these hardcore honey lovers

are also resistant to snake venom

so yeah there’s that their cousin the

european badger

builds extensive underground burrows

called sets

they have tunnels and room-like

offshoots for everybody

foxes and rabbits are welcome to share

the home as long as they abide by these


hygiene rules the praying mantis has an

ear between its legs the insect uses it

as a sonar

kind of like bats sea turtles are

constantly crying

they’re not sad or anything the weeping

is only because they excrete

excess salts from the body through tears

the black swift is a mysterious bird

that lives

eats and even sleeps in the sky they

don’t land for months at a time

which is why so little is known about

them the distance they fly over a


is like going to the moon 14 times fish

can fly too

thanks to their wing-like fins flying

fish can soar a distance of about 600


almost as long as two football fields

they need flight to escape from


a google is a number followed by 100


i dare you to write that down counting

the zeros one by one

a computer term there’s a bug in the

system emerged in 1946

when an actual moth got trapped inside a

relay calculator at harvard

squirrels accidentally plant millions of

trees every year

because they forget where they bury

their egg corn

oh that’s nuts a rainbow that happens at

night is called

a wait for it moonbow they’re mostly

white and very rare

the first microwave was invented by

percy spencer in 1945.

the engineer received only two bucks for

his discovery

that’s equivalent to thirty dollars


a giraffe’s neck can reach up to six

feet in length

yet it contains the same number of bones

as the human neck

in 2009 a team of scientists went on an

expedition to loch ness lake

to locate the famous monster to their


they found more than 100 000 golf balls


tim storms holds the guinness world

record for the deepest

voice he reached notes that were so low

only elephants could hear how many words

for snow do you know

the scottish have 421 words for the cold

fluffy stuff

some of them are fifal spitters and


now i want to watch the scottish tv

weatherman i’ll bet that’s entertaining

the skin of a polar bear is actually

black but because its fur

is clear that’s right it ain’t white and

the strands are hollow

they scatter light this creates the

illusion that it’s white

like fifal just like our fingers

our tongue has its own unique print we

also have around

000 taste buds and each of them has an

average lifespan of 10 days

i’m tasting a pattern here in the

english language

if you spelled out all the numbers you’d

have to count up to 1 000 before you

came across the letter

a try it in 1815

indonesia’s mount tambora had the

biggest volcanic eruption in human


it lasted two weeks it created an ash

layer in our planet’s atmosphere

and 1816 became the year without a


a day wasn’t always 24 hours four and a

half billion years ago

it was only four hours that was because

the moon was