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+ 54% of cases in one week

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Coronavirus cases increase in Lazio. The councilor for health Alessio D’Amato, however, reassures us: we must not be alarmed and there is no pressure on hospitals.

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The cases of coronavirus in Lazio. If in the past few weeks he had almost breathed a sigh of relief, now the curve is rising again. Only yesterday, in fact, 6,268 infections were recorded in the region. Hospitalizations are decreasing, and the Lazio health councilor Alessio D’Amato confirmed that there is no hospital pressure. But we have to deal with the fact that cases are growing throughout Italy, and also in Lazio. Indeed, in the region the infections increase more than in the others. The average national growth rate in Italy is 33%, while in Lazioas reported the Republic, it shot up to 54%. “We must not be alarmed, but we must not let go”, the words of D’Amato. The commissioner confirmed that reinfections are frequent, and for this reason it is essential to do the booster within 120 days from the previous dose.

In Lazio 80% of the population received the booster

In Lazio, the quota of 13 million and 300 thousand vaccines in total has been exceeded, and a total of 3.8 million dose boosters have been administered. This means that over 80% of the adult population in Lazio is covered with the booster. In the pediatric range, on the other hand, over 145 thousand children have received the first dose of anti-covid vaccine. In addition, to facilitate the vaccination campaign, access to the vaccination hubs is now free during opening hours, without the need for a reservation.

Vaccinate people arriving from Ukraine

The Lazio Region is also working on another front: that of vaccinating people who are arriving in these days fromUkraine. “Everyone underwent a health orientation interview, the swab and those who had not already performed it, even the vaccine”, D’Amato reported. In Ukraine the percentage of the vaccinated population is very low, barely reaching 35%. This is why we are trying to encourage people who arrive to take the first dose and complete the vaccination cycle. So as not to allow the coronavirus to turn further among the citizens.