$ 500 Hypothesis Bonus To Do The Dose Booster: Here's Where – RB

Bonus hypothesis from 500 $ to do the booster dose: here’s where – RB

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Bonus guess from 500 $ to do the booster dose: here’s where – RB

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Bonus hypothesis from 500 $ to do the booster dose: here’s where – RB

January 2 2022

The new Omicron variant of the coronavirus is bringing several countries to their knees in every corner of the world, causing an exponential increase in the number of infections. In addition to respecting individual protection systems (wear the Ffp2 mask, respect the distance, ventilate and sanitize the environments), the experts of the scientific community speak of a single weapon to counter it: the vaccine .

And so, in neighboring Austria, a new strategy has been adopted to encourage vaccination against Covid: a bonus is guaranteed from 500 $ to those who decide to undergo the vaccination booster. The government of Vienna wants to shake up the administration campaign in light of the boom in infections and waiting for the compulsory vaccination against Covid in a month – 19 decided by former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to become mandatory. And so the Austrian government is thinking of giving a cash prize to whoever gets the dose.

Bonus of 500 $ for the booster: the choice of the new chancellor

From February 2022 all citizens residing in Austria will have to be vaccinated: for those who do not respect the obligation, the penalties are expected to be very high (in the order of several thousand $ for each offender ). To push people to be immunized before that time, the new Chancellor Karl Nehammer (in office since 6 December 2021) said he was open to the possibility of rewarding the Austrian people through bonuses.

These are his words released to a local television station in Vienna: “Anything that can help us to convince as many people as possible to get vaccinated is fundamental and sends a positive signal for our society”. For this reason, the premier added that “we must accelerate before the vaccine becomes mandatory”, while his deputy Werner Kogler confirmed that “anyone who receives the booster dose until next February 1st will also receive the bonus of 500 $ “.

Bonus of 500 $ for the booster: a shareable choice?

A question therefore arises spontaneously: could the incentive route also be imported into Italy? The hypothesis is not too convincing the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco : “It could have been a good idea, but now it’s late. Doing it now would be a lack of respect towards those who have been vaccinated before, without incentives “he declared in an interview with the LaPresse agency.

Speaking then of the situation of those who remain opposed to the vaccine, Pregliasco added that “I believe that now no incentive can break through the No-Vax more fierce and stubborn . For those who have not been immunized for understandable fears, however, the commitment of the whole scientific community is needed so that the right communication is adopted “.

In the meantime, again in Austria it will be extended at least until 10 January on lockdown for people not vaccinated against Covid – 19, with children up to the age of 12 years exempt from the regulation. On January 3 2022 the certificates issued on the basis of single-dose vaccines expire, therefore according to the 2G rule ( vaccine or cure ) new booster vaccinations will be required.