5 skincare tips to steal from Huda Kattan

5 Huda Kattan Skincare Tips (News) – 5 Huda Kattan Skincare Tips As RockedBuzz.com, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “5 skincare tips to steal from Huda Kattan” Here are the details .. If Huda Kattan has made a name for herself on social networks thanks to her many makeup tips, she is nonetheless an expert in face care. We then asked her to tell us about 5 of her skincare secrets for beautiful skin.

1. Double cleansing Cleansing is the key to beautiful skin, and it is not Huda Kattan who will say the opposite. It even performs double cleaning. According to her, this is the “best way to ensure that you remove all the makeup particles, impurities and excess sebum accumulated during the day”. At the same time, it allows you to clean your skin in depth . His advice for doing the double cleaning properly? “You must always first use an oil-based makeup remover / cleanser , such as Wishful Clean Genie Butter Cleanser to remove your makeup and surface impurities from your skin. Then use a cleansing foam, gel or cream water-based which will penetrate your pores to effectively remove impurities “.

2. Make your honey face mask at home Anyone who knows Huda Kattan know how much she loves to do masks. At the moment, she really enjoys using the Rose Quartz Lift & Glow peel off mask by Wishful . It illuminates, firms and soothes the skin; but also unclogs pores and restores radiance to the complexion. This facial treatment is enriched with several ingredients that our skin particularly appreciates such as hyaluronic acid (moisturizer), lotus flower (soothing) and watermelon (antioxidant). It also contains rose quartz which purifies and stimulates youth. Just for the record, “I tried it on my dad and when we took it off you could see all the black and whiteheads coming loose from his pores “confides Huda Kattan.

Huda Kattan is not satisfied only with face masks already ready. She is also a fan of homemade masks that she makes from natural ingredients. “These can incorporate rose, turmeric, honey, pineapple, and aloe vera. One of my favorite homemade face masks includes papaya and honey to hydrate, brighten and exfoliate at the same time “.

3. Extend her care to the neck and décolleté When she has a little free time, Huda Kattan spreads her skincare routine along her neck and at the level of her cleavage. “The skin of these areas is very fragile , and it is in these places that the first wrinkles and fine lines mark ” explains Huda Kattan. “Exfoliating your neck and cleavage once a week is very good.” Neglecting the neck area is one of the most common skincare mistakes. “So make sure to always continue your skin care routine along your neck; the double cleansing but also the hydration. Plus, be gentle and massage with it. movements going upwards so as not to pull the skin down! ”

4. Integrate pineapple into your skincare routine “I have always liked using pineapple in my DIY beauty preparations because it contains bromelain enzymes which help the dead cells to be removed from the skin” confides Huda Kattan. Pineapples are also rich in vitamin C which helps in lightening the skin. This natural ingredient is found especially in enzymatic scrubs. When your skin is rough, it will immediately smooth, soften and restore its radiance. “Ideal for creating a flawless makeup base” !

5. Massaging Her Face According to Huda Kattan, massaging her face daily is one of the easiest ways and effective in stimulating lymphatic drainage. “I especially like using a rose quartz roller to decongest my face. I use this tool in the morning to help improve blood circulation and flush out toxins through the lymph nodes. lymphatics located in the ears. (…) but it’s also perfect for your evening routine when you’ve had a long day! ”

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