Facts About Japan

5 Incredibly Interesting Facts About Japan

Japanese culture has impressed me a lot. In this post, I will list 5 pieces of interesting facts about Japan information.

1. Respect in Japanese Culture

For me, Japan means respect. This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I say interesting information about Japan. People hesitate to talk to each other in subways in Japan. Groups of friends especially pay attention to this. Because they think that other people who do not have friends on the subway will feel lonely.

Respect in Japanese Culture
Respect in Japanese Culture

2. Japan consists of 6852 islands

You might know that Japan is an island nation, but did you know that there are more than 6800 islands in Japan? The four biggest islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku, which together make up about 97% of the total land area.

And don’t forget about the paradise islands of Okinawa with their beautiful beaches and tropical climate. In fact, the main islands of Japan are also some of the world’s largest islands. (1)

Japan consists of 6852 islands
Japan consists of 6852 islands

3. Education in Japan

Contrary to popular belief, the Japanese are not very intelligent people. Their success in many areas is due to their good education system. The literacy rate is close to one hundred percent.

Education in Japan
Education in Japan

4. Osaka Castle Used to Be Black and Gold

In the early days of Osaka Castle, the exterior was actually painted in black and inside the castle, you would find a variety of decorations made out of gold and silver. Now in the 21st century, Osaka Castle’s exterior is white and you will find a wonderful museum inside of Osaka Castle.(2)


5. Japan has a Penis festival

This Japanese festival is known as Kanamara Matsuri, which means something like “the festival for the phallus of steal”. The festival is celebrated in the Japanese city of Kawasaki on the first Sunday in April. In short, just about everything, including candy, vegetables and decorations have the shape of the male reproductive organ or other things related to fertility.

Japan has a Penis festival
Japan has a Penis festival

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There are a lot of countries that are famous all over the world for some peculiarities. Japan is, probably one of the most exotic ones. It is known as the Land of the Rising Sun, but it could also be called the Land of singing toilets, the country of the blue traffic light, or the country of vending machines.

Really, Japan is a unique country, different from the rest of the world. Japanese farmers grow square watermelons, people park and lock their umbrella before going inside a building and there’s a whole chain of restaurants all over the country where they serve only canned food. In short, there are so many things that make Japan a whole other world. Get ready to explore!

  1. Square watermelons
  2. Ramen noodles bath
  3. Bizzare flavors of Kit-kat
  4. Fake food
  5. Rabbit island
  6. Purikura machines
  7. People pushers
  8. Umbrella parking lot
  9. Millions of vending machines
  10. Tokyo’s biggest resident
  11. Train delays make headlines
  12. “Silent” Karaoke
  13. Polite slurping
  14. Face napkins
  15. Water-saving sinks
  16. Strange mayo
  17. Naps at work
  18. World’s shortest escalator
  19. Canned food restaurant
  20. Doll village 
  21. No 4’s 
  22. Blue traffic light
  23. Cleaning classes
  24. Footbath train
  25. Futuristic toilets 
  26. Crazy ice-cream flavors 
  27. Space-saving parking lots
  28. Robot-run hotel
  29. Café companion

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