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48 Easy Riddles You Can Solve in 10 Seconds

48 Easy Riddles You Can Solve in 10 Seconds

48 Easy Riddles You Can Solve in 10 Seconds

so you’re a riddle of our aren’t you well me too to quench your thirst for brain racking here’s the list of my favorite puzzles and mysteries for you to solve and joy..

there are five girls in the room Ashley

is drawing olivia is reading Maria is

playing hide and seek and Emma is

tidying up

what’s Sara doing Sara is playing hide

and seek with Maria of course two boys

are standing at the seashore one is

looking south and the other is looking

north and still they can see each other

how so

well they’re facing each other you see a

bathtub filled with water you have a

spoon a cup and a bucket what will you

choose to empty the bathtub obviously

choose to pull out the plug if it’s

raining at midnight can you expect that

in 72 hours it’ll be sunny nope in 72

hours it’s gonna be night again they

give me a job to do every morning but

when I do it they still tell me off Who

am I I’m an alarm clock and yes it’s a

thankless job what do you call the fear

of Santa Claus claustrophobia in what

case will three boys one adult man four

girls and a cat remain dry under just

one umbrella

they’ll all be dry if it doesn’t rain

what occurs twice in every moment but

only once in a million years yet not

ever in a billion it’s the letter M

which is correct fish have no teeth or

fish has no teeth in fact neither is

true because fish have teeth when you

combine these two words they hold the

most letters which words are they


post office and what starts with E and

ends with E but contains only one letter

and envelope yep

another riddle brought to you by the

Postal Service why do people drink water

because they can’t chew it how can you

make one disappear you can just add the

letter G at the beginning and one is God

what can’t you use until you break it


an egg where will you land if you jump

off a three-story building well most

likely in a hospital what circus

performers see in the dark

acrobats you work hard to get it but as

soon as you get it you give it away what

is it

money yeah and it goes way too fast

what fruit has its seeds on the outside

strawberry a bird had eight eggs but a

dinosaur ate one of its eggs how many

eggs does the bird have now still eight

eggs dinosaurs went extinct long ago so

they can’t eat eggs can you start a fire

by using only three pieces of wood yes

but make sure that one of these pieces

is a match stick what building has the

most stories it’s a library into what

glass should you never for apple juice


into a full glass which element isn’t on

the periodic table here’s a hint they

use it all the time in movies it’s the

element of surprise ice melts when you

heat it up but if you heat me I solidify

wit em on

I’m an egg Emily gave birth to a girl

and she was very happy but when a nurse

brought Emily her baby the next day the

young woman immediately understood that

it wasn’t her daughter how did she know

because the baby was a boy when you see

everything you don’t see it but when you

see nothing you see it what is it

it is darkness you see a full-sized

apple in a glass bottle with a thin neck

the fruit is intact and the bottle is

also undamaged then how was the fruit

place there the apple grew inside the

bottom which was put on the tree branch

even before the fruit was formed you

throw me when you need me and pick me up

when you don’t need me can you figure

out what I am right you are I’m an

anchor a professional skydiver jumped

out of an airplane but she’d forgotten

to put on her parachute and still she

survived how is it possible


the plane wasn’t in the air yet she was

just preparing for a flight how can you

increase 66 by 1.5 if you aren’t allowed

to make any mathematical operations just

turn 66 upside down a deaf man came to a

flower store to buy some flowers for his

beloved wife’s birthday

how can he explain to the shop assistant

what he needs he can just say it he’s

deaf not mute Ethan spent three days in

the hospital and was absolutely healthy

when he left and still he had to be

carried out of the hospital why


Ethan was a newborn baby and again no

he’s not Emma’s daughter a man who was

standing on the sidewalk dropped a

tomato from the height of six feet but

it wasn’t damaged at all how so


the man managed to catch the tomato

before it hit the ground why would he do


well it doesn’t say here why hasn’t

anyone conquered the biggest extinct

volcano even though it’s not underwater

and can be clearly seen


well this volcano is on Mars a father

tells his teenage daughter you arrived

very late at 3:00 a.m. and made us all

worry a lot

I don’t want this situation to repeat

his daughter though replies that it will

never repeat how could she be so sure


the father was talking about the birth

of his daughter

so wait was this guy married to Emma who

had the baby which wasn’t Ethan I’m

getting confused you’re sitting on a

plane there is a horse in front of you

and a car behind you what’s happening



well you’re on a merry-go-round one

chemist found out that a particular

reaction last 480 minutes if he’s in the

suit jacket but one hour and 20 minutes

if he’s in his lab coat


well 80 minutes is the same as an hour

in 20 minutes as for an 80 minute

reaction time I think I just run what’s

a man parked his car in front of his

house came in exited the house with a

bucket of water and poured the water on

the sidewalk can you guess why he did it


he was planning to wash his car but

while he was away his car got stolen

where can you see rivers but no water

cities but no buildings forests but no



you can see them on a map the son of the

professor’s father talks to the father

of the professor’s son and the professor

doesn’t take part in this conversation

can you unravel this family riddle the

professor is a woman and the people

talking are her brother and her husband

we get three times in a lifetime the

first two times are free but we have to

pay a lot for the third time what is it


it’s our teeth you better brush I’m not

getting it if you drop it from the

tallest building it’ll be fine

but if you drop it in the water it won’t

survive what is it

it’s paper no one has ever driven or

gone along this way what way is it

it’s the Milky Way for women can bake

four pies in four hours how many pies

can eight women bake in eight hours


sixteen pies yumbo if you take off my

skin I won’t cry but you will what am I



and onion there are three cups of sugar

on the table you take one away how many

cups of sugar do you have one the other

two are still on the table if you

multiply all the numbers on the

telephone what will you get


zero because when you multiply any

number by zero zero is all you get

you’re trapped in a room that’s slowly

getting filled with water coming from a

faucet in the wall there are no windows

in the room and the door is sealed shut

you have a mop and a big bucket so how

are you gonna get yourself out of this

one Hey

just turn the faucet off yeah hey if you

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