45 products to give to a 'foodie' friend this Christmas: wines, preserves, cheeses, hams, sweets and ready meals

45 products to give to a friend & # 039; foodie & # 039; this Christmas: wines, preserves, cheeses, hams, sweets and ready meals

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz.com News site! I will present you all the details of 45 products to give to a friend & # 039; foodie & # 039; this Christmas: wines, preserves, cheeses, hams, sweets and dishes prepared here.

45 products to give to a friend & # 33; foodie & # 039; this Christmas: wines, preserves, cheeses, hams, sweets and prepared dishes

45 products to give to a friend & # 039; foodie & # 039; this Christmas: wines, preserves, cheeses, hams, sweets and ready meals We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. 45 products to give to a friend & # 039; foodie & # 039; this Christmas: wines, preserves, cheeses, hams, sweets and ready meals Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

45 products to give to a friend & # 039; foodie & # 039; this Christmas: wines, preserves, cheeses, hams, sweets and ready meals

If Santa Claus or the Magi are attentive to the letters that the foodies send, Christmas will be full of flavor. Whether to share or indulge yourself, surely there is still time that some gift is about to fall.

Our menu is full of Iberian; of extra virgin olive oils, that liquid gold as ours; of preserves that put the best of the sea on the table; of smoked elegant; of foie gras and patés, essential to flavor our breads; and also to give us some wine with which to enjoy the best toast.

A selection that touches all the suits, including the one of the prepared dishes to show that, if The pot is good, the quality of the food is more than guaranteed and with those of us who want to wish you good luck and happy holidays.

Extra virgin olive oil

Now that we have managed to understand what the acronym EVOO means, it is also convenient that we do gastropatria and understand that good oil is not only valid for dressing salads, but for much more.

As in wine, the oil has terroir, varietals and meticulous work in the field and in the oil mill . A luxury that sometimes we are not aware of and that, if we want to remain as kings, can be a gift of the first order.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Marisol Rubio. Taken on the fly to By hand, without touching the ground, the olives from this olive grove winery in Villanueva de Alcardete offer a slightly spicy oil with a bitter point from the cornicabra variety, the main protagonist of this unique oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Marisol Rubio

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rincón de la Subbética. One of the most awarded EVOOs of the last decade. From Almazaras de la Subbética, this Cordoba oil is protected by the DO Priego de Córdoba, one of the most reputable in our country. Fresh, hojiblanca monovarietal and organic, intense, with vegetable aromas of tomato and grass, and a subtle, refined palate and medium acidity and spiciness. Extraordinary.

Rincón de la Subbética – Organic extra virgin olive oil, 589 ml

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Palacio de Los Olivos. From Ciudad Real, this picual olive monovarietal is another essential. Valued for five consecutive years as the best Picual oil in the world by EVOO, it is a guarantee of quality. Fresh, pungent, with aromas of the bush, another of those affordable luxuries for any table.

Palacio de Los Olivos, Picual Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Premium Quality, Cold Pressed, Early Harvest, Almagro – Spain, Bottle 500 ml

  • Selection Grandes Pagos del Olivar: six bottles. The high nobility of Spanish extra virgin olive oil, together for the first time on sale in a dream pack with six brands of absolute prestige: Abbae de Queiles, Aubocassa, Casas de Hualdo, Castillo de Canena, Marqués de Griñón and Marqués de Valdueza. A pack that is more than ever a gift and that brings together some of the best oils in the world with which to conquer any palate.

Grandes Pagos de Olivar – Selection.

Salmon and smoked

Another of the most Christmas temptations, essential in starters. In fact, we have even given you homemade options for make your own marinated salmon . If you don’t want to stain your hands, big brands do it for you with this varied selection in which to leave the jack, knight and king.

  • Smoked salmon Amaiketako medium grill. Authentic Norwegian salmon, smoked from Handcrafted and already laminated, perfect for plating and serving easier than ever. With a slightly salty touch and a delicate smoke profile, this jewel of gastronomy is well worth sneaking into any table this holiday season.

Smoked salmon Amaiketako medium grill

  • Smoked salmon pack 2 whole loins gold and citrus Benfumat . The salmon taken to a further point. On the one hand, with citrus and sunflower seeds. On the other, with white truffle. A twist on classic smoking with the guarantee of Benfumat, a company with more than three decades in the sector, to conquer the most demanding palates.

Smoked salmon pack 2 whole loins gold and citrus Benfumat.

  • Smoked eel loin Fish Gourmet. A tempting bite for those who want to go a step beyond smoked salmon. Equally elegant, lightly smoked, with a crunchy bite and a soft touch of the fatty character of eel, this boat will be a game changer for those who thought only salmon went well with smoke.

Fish Gourmet Smoked Eel Loin

Canned vegetables

We may think that Christmas is a feast of meat and fish, but why not give canned vegetables their place and prominence at the table. Important, of course. It is time for artichokes, asparagus or crystal peppers came to light and, for an aperitif or as a starter, shine with your own light.

  • Whole asparagus La Catedral de Navarra. Between nine and twelve units for a large caliber canned white asparagus. Juicy, tender, with a slightly crunchy point and with an unusual sweetness, completely natural, they are well worth to be your ideal starter or to give a fresh point to any main.

Whole asparagus The Cathedral of Navarra

  • Extra whole Piquillo peppers La Catedral de Navarra . In large format (850 grams) so that we will never be left without a pepper on hand. Hand-packed, these delicate piquillo peppers are tender, juicy and naturally sweet, perfect for use in the kitchen — stuffed, for example, or to flavor a cream — or to accompany any salad.

Piquillo peppers whole extra La Catedral de Navarra

  • Natural artichoke hearts La Catedral de Navarra. Delicacy and all the heart, another juicy product from the Navarre orchards to combine subtlety and a slightly bitter, very tenuous point, in a bite that you can savor with a splash of oil or participate in your favorite recipes.

Natural artichoke hearts La Catedral de Navarra

Canned fish and shellfish

Raw, in cooked or grilled, seafood arrives with force on Christmas tables. The fish is not far behind either, logically. However, sometimes in the simple gesture of opening a can we come across a jewel that well deserves to participate in this parade of flavors. The options are almost endless, so we are going to synthesize it so that everything goes smoothly.

  • White tuna in olive oil. 400 grams of authentic northern bonito, the best loins, and protected by a excellent olive oil for a bite to hook on in all seasons. Whether in the kitchen, in tapas, appetizers, salads or in a useful toast, always ready.

White tuna in olive oil

  • Grilled tuna sharks Güeyu Mar . One of the best fish grills in Spain, Abel Álvarez, and a raw material of the highest quality are the values ​​with which this Asturian hotelier turns the best of the sea ​​in luxury preserves. In this case, a red tuna sausage that will not even leave the crumbs.

Grilled tuna morrillo Güeyu Mar.

    Natural clams from the estuaries Galician José Peña. A delicatessen based on fine clam from Galicia that in José Peña they limit themselves to pampering the natural one, with hardly any water and a touch of salt, to respect the sweetness and meatiness of this treasure of our coasts.

Natural clams from the Galician estuaries José Peña

  • Bluefin tuna tarantella in oil olive Herpac. Again the bluefin tuna, but this time without grill and with another of its juiciest parts, the tarantelo, an exquisite cut from the white loin of tuna, with a fair amount of fat, which makes it friendly, clean and a perfect dance partner of the Sherry wines .

Bluefin tuna tarantella in Herpac olive oil

  • Grilled sardine loins Pickled Güeyu Mar. Another delicacy that Abel Álvarez packs, this time honoring the subtlety of the sardine with two elaborations: first grilled and then in a subtle pickle. Smoke, a moderate acid point and the natural fat of the sardine thus become a morsel that asks for bread and sharing.

Grilled sardine loins in pickled Güeyu Mar

  • Sardines in olive oil Paco Lafuente. Conservas Lafuente packages these subtle sardines, small in size, and notable elegance, respecting the silkiness and texture of these small Galician bites with olive oil. Another accessible treasure that is well worth sneaking into any Christmas gift.
  • Sardines in olive oil Paco Lafuente.

    Ready meals

    We love that the good prepared dishes give us the can. Either the jar, or the pot. The reality is that more than one of these proposals can save a main course or a starter in a matter of minutes. Ideal for those who are stripped of time or those who do not give up enjoying the table at any time.

    • Lukan Gourmet crab stuffed peppers. Converted into a reference of the Delicatessen shops in Guipúzcoa, Lukan Gourmet also offers in fifth range delicacies such as these peppers stuffed with crab that can make you look like a king in a matter of minutes.

    Lukan Gourmet crab stuffed peppers.

    • Fabada de Casa Gerardo. Putting in the essence of a two Asturian Michelin star with one of its most iconic recipes is not easy, but Casa Gerardo and La Catedral de Navarra have achieved it in this pot where you brew and Compago will delight your table with just a heat stroke.
  • Duck leg in confit Gourmet Club. An illustrious recipe of French cuisine that we can easily enjoy at home. Top quality ducks of the moulard breed, fed with boiled corn, are the basis of this juicy and substantial preparation that you can have ready in a matter of minutes with a casserole.

Duck leg in confit Club del Gourmet.

  • Pickled partridge Conservas Polgri. Another essential recipe of La Mancha and Castilian cuisine such as pickled partridges but without having to wait for them to be cooked. Tender, tasty and with just the right amount of vinegar, these partridges are well worth enjoying in a salad, with a little cheese, with some roasted potatoes or included in a risotto.

Pickled partridge Conservas Polgri.

  • Gachas from La Mancha El Obrador de la Mancha. If there is a manchego in the room, we do not believe that he will resist this great deal that you can now emulate at home without struggling with almortas flour. Just a couple of glasses of water and the content of this pot are enough for your kitchen to see the La Mancha countryside.

Gachas from La Mancha El Obrador de la Mancha.


Whether as an aperitif or planted as a pre-dessert, a Christmas table without cheese is a bit of an orphan. Another of those versatile and varied foods that make any menu or that turn a normal moment into an extraordinary moment. Here the really difficult thing is to choose just one.

  • Idiazábal Ondarre Cheese. Milk from their own Latxa breed sheep is the main element with which Eneko Goiburu, shepherd and cheese maker, makes this idiazábal Artzai Gazta (shepherd’s cheese) in Segura, in the middle of Goierri Guipuzcoano . Intense, pleasant and firm that has helped him win the Ordizia Cheese Championship contest (Guipúzcoa) up to three times.
  • Creamy sheep’s cheese Pasture with Truffle Finca Pascualete. In the heart of Cáceres, Finca Pascualete makes this creamy cheese with the milk of its own sheep, demonstrating the versatility that this type of cheese achieves on its farm. A luxury that combines the subtlety of the truffle, the power of its crust – natural and edible – and the intensity of the cheese.

Creamy sheep’s cheese Pastura with truffle Finca Pascualete.

  • Semi-cured goat cheese Los Cameros. An ancient recipe with goat’s milk that grazes freely in the Sierra de Cameros , in the south of La Rioja. Intense, firm, with a light goat and slightly lactic aftertaste, this cheese will conquer the most gourmet palates at any Christmas table.

Los Cameros Goat Cheese – Semi Cured Goat Cheese – Approximate Weight 681 grams – Cameran Designation of Origin – Cheese made with goat’s milk – Rioja Cheese

  • Olavidia, cheese Jaén goat, Cheese and Kisses cheese factory. The best cheese in the world from 2021, according to World Cheese Awards is this goat cheese from Guarromán (Jaén). Lactic coagulation, very fresh and very creamy, slightly buttery and with a tasty acidity profile. A gift for any cheese lover.

Olavidia, goat cheese. Cheese and Kisses Cheese Factory.

Sausages and cold meats

Christmas is time to tune the fiddle of Iberian ham, but we don’t have to be Florencio Sanchidrián to start cutting it. We can go to slices and make life less complicated, although we have already told you how a ham is cut well , so with our tutorial should have no problems.

In any case, hams and shoulders, together with sausages, salami, loins or morcones are in charge to add pork-based shine to our Christmas menus in seconds.

  • Acorn shoulder 99% Ibérica Cinco Jotas. Winning horse for a brand that is a benchmark in the world of Iberian products and that with this palette will satisfy any palate. Intense, slightly salty, firm and with that sweet touch that good ham has. A gift ten that is still available and with a slight discount.
  • Cinco Jotas – Acorn Shoulder 100 % Iberico 5J, section from 5 to 6 kg of weight

    • Case with Palette Great Reserve Joselito piece. Another gift that will be well received at any time of the year and that does not need much explanation. An exclusive piece for a very luxurious ham with optimal curing and that you will soon undress at your table. Another infallible with which to succeed as a gift.

Case with Gran Reserva shoulder piece Joselito

  • Morcón 100% Iberico Cinco Jotas. Another treasure of Spanish pork meat, in this case with a very high quality sausage that uses the best Iberian cuts and a mimosa mix of dressings, salts and peppers for a morcón that deserves cade euro of its price.

Morcón 101% Iberian 5J 800 gr

  • Salchichón de Vic Gran Luxe Casa Riera Ordeix. Perfect representatives of the Catalan charcuterie tradition, Casa Riera It has been making cold cuts for more than a century, so this Salchichón de Vic is not just an exquisite bite, but a true piece of history. Unctuous, with a pleasant peppery aftertaste and very melting, it is ideal for any aperitif or for practically any time.

Salchichón de Vic Gran Luxe Casa Riera Ordeix.

    Mallorcan Sobrasada Can Company. The authentic Mallorcan sobrasada, made with pigs of the breed porc negre and with the local paprika, the tap de cortí, that brings fruity and slightly citrus aromas to a sublime bite. It melts in the mouth, to which we only have to bring a little hot bread to fully enjoy this recipe prepared by the butcher master Xesc Reina for Can Company.

Mallorcan Sobrasada Can Company.

  • Cecina de León El Abuelo Maragato. This case of 10 sliced Cecinas Nieto under his premium brand El Abuelo Maragato, with a cure of 18 months, it is a real temptation for those looking for a cold meats of quality coming out of the pig. A melting, harmonious luxury, well integrated with the hint of smoke and the juiciness of the meat itself.

Cecina de León El Abuelo Maragato.


Always ready and almost without failure, to succeed with a gift like a good bottle of wine is a super simple task for any Christmas. The ideal moment to get out of the hat that gift we had in mind and celebrate a toast as it deserves with ideas like these.

  • Bideona L3Z4 2018. Under this curious name, Bodegas Bideona (formerly Badiola), belonging to Peninsula Wines, produces a series of Village Wines in Rioja Alavesa. In this case, from Leza, but also from Laguardia (Badiola L4GD4 Laguardia) or Villabuena (Badiola V1BN4) with which to respect the terroir and the personality of the wines of each municipality.

    Badiola L3Z4 Leza. Bodegas Bideona.

    In addition to them, also produces Parcela and multi-parcel wines such as Las Parcelas, as well as whites from very defined personality such as his Cabezadas, made with Viura grape.

    Badiola L4GD4 Laguardia. Bodegas Bideona.

    • Peninsula Vino Atlántico, 2018. Made with hondarribi zerratia grapes, a minority variety in the production of txakoli, Peninsula bottles this mature, fresh white wine, with complexity and great minerality. Although it consists of the DO Txakoli de Bizkaia strip, this wine represents an aromatic, long and versatile profile with which to distinguish itself from the traditional style of txakoli.

    Peninsula Vino Atlántico, 2018.

  • Leda Viñas Viñas Viejas, 2017. Bodegas Leda selects plots in Toro and Ribera del Duero to make this Viñas Viejas, assembling different plots from both areas, to offer a complex, fruity, balanced and long-lasting wine that is perfect to consume now but with great aging potential. A wine with elegance and rotundity that navigates between a classic profile and an interesting freshness even having a long aging.
  • Leda Viñas Viñas Viejas, 2018.

    • Deep Sea 2021, Bodegas Miradorio. A curious wine to show that in Cantabria there are also vineyards capable of wonders like this. Bodega Miradorio (in Ruiloba) is the creator of this wine made with grapes such as Albariño, Hondarribi Zuri or Riesling. Aromatic, a saline point and of great maturity, it also combines its drink with a balanced acidity that makes it invite the second drink. A wine under the PGI Costas de Cantabria that will surprise those looking for different wines.

    Deep Sea 2021, Bodegas Miradorio. PGI Costa de Cantabria.

    • Tarón Cepas Centenarias, 2015. DO Ca Rioja. Centennial vineyards in Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón (Rioja Alta) and the sensitivity of the winemaker Laura Manzanos bless this deep and elegant Rioja with the ability to express that character of rioja atlantico that comes from this cold part of the region . Powerful, elegant, with a trail, unusually fresh and balsamic, and with a slightly smoky profile that makes it charming for any palate when given enough air. A wine that for its price is a gift for all budgets.

    Tarón Centennial Strains, 2017.

    Foies and patés

    Another of the essentials in these parties. Easy to share, versatile and very, very creamy, the options are also almost endless. No matter the type of animal, we can even take vegetables, but among pigs, ducks, other birds, shellfish and fish we have a display of spreads with which it is impossible to fail.

    • Castaing goose foie gras. One of the most famous producers from the Southwest of France, the cradle of foie, presents this unctuous, delicate and seductive block with nuances of the spices used in its preparation and the Port wine, which gives it an exquisite slightly fruity profile. Infallible.

    Castaing goose foie gras.

    • Amaiketako Entier Duck Foie Gras. From first-rate producers, Amaiketako labels this duck foie gras, which comes from the Southwest of France. A safe value following the traditional recipe with a very measured seasoning of salt, pepper and sugar, which adds slight nuances to the softness of this always appetizing ‘entier’.

    Amaiketako Entier Duck Foie Gras

    • La Cuna white truffle mushroom pate. a small family business from Toledo in Malpica de Tajo is responsible for this unique, aromatic, tasty and very versatile blend that includes mushrooms such as champignon, shiitake or girgola with a tip of white truffle, which offers its refined aroma to this mixture that you will not tire of spreading.

    La Cuna white truffle mushroom pate.

    • Zubelzu pipe mousse. the classic Ibarra chillies from the firm Zubelzu, known for making some of the best gildas in Spain, go on to a refreshing ‘crushed’ life, with a point of Very moderate spicy and a slightly acid profile well nuanced by the texture with which to give new life to your sauces, your canapes and even to use it as a spread on carens and fish.

    Zubelzu piparra mousse.

    • Leeward mussel cream. Another spread that’s hard to part with. All the intensity of the Galician mussel turned into a tasty pate that reflects all the flavor of the Galician sea. Dense, creamy and very addictive, this pâté or cream asks to always have a good albariño and a quality bread on hand to give a good account. From the can.

    Leeward mussel cream.

    Panettones, sweets and chocolates

    Closing a Christmas without a sweet component can be almost an affront in some houses. We are going to deliver this time to pleasures from here and there such as panettones and nougat. Also, as always, let’s leave the door open so that the chocolatiest in the house also have an anchor.

    • Chocolate panettone and marc of Bodegas Izadi Izadittone. Bodegas Izadi persists in its tradition of celebrating Easter with a panettone that is at the level of its wines and they achieve it with remarkable success. Prepared by Loison, a famous Vicenza pastry shop, in its juicy interior we find chocolate pearls and the marc of Izadi’s own grapes to endorse this gastronomic and oenological seal.

    Chocolate and marc panettone from Bodegas Izadi Izadittone.

    • Panettone Pera and Gianduia Andrea Tortora. The juiciness of the candied pear, the sweet touch of the authentic gianduja and a pampered and elegant dough are the components of this panettone that the pastry chef Andrea Tortora proposes to celebrate these holidays. Large format (it weighs a kilo), each of its bites is a tribute to the natural fluffiness that these bakery doughs should have and that they do not always abound.

    Panettone Pera and Gianduia Novelty 2020 In Cylindrical Can, Gourmet Artisan Panettone With Mother Yeast, 1 Kg

    • Roof tiles and cigarettes from Tolosa Rafa Gorrotxategi. A classic of Toulouse pastry like the tiles and cigarettes, typical colophon of cider house menu , but with the help of Rafa Gorrotxategi, one of the most famous pastry chefs and pastry chefs in Euskadi. Simple, rich, crunchy and perfect to lengthen any coffee.

    Roof tiles and cigarettes from Tolosa Rafa Gorrotxategi.

    • Pancracio Chocolate Box. Nine different tablets for the very chocolatiers, playing pure chocolates from the Intense Cocoa range, and alternative flavors such as walnut, raisin, orange or pistachio for a chocolaty display that cocoa addicts will fall in love with. from the house.

    Pancracio Chocolate Box.

    • Marzipan Barroso eel. A classic of Toledo confectioneries such as marzipan eel, this time made by Muddy , a one of the most renowned houses in the marzipan field in the entire city. Juicy, fragrant, well loaded with almonds and honey, subtle in the mouth and also accompanied by tasty candied fruits with which to finish the tribute.

    Marzipan Barroso eel.

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