Some facts you may not know about Google will surprise you. It will not only surprise you but also enrich your knowledge.

Are you ready for the information that you can say that Google, which we mess with every day, has become a part of our lives and never noticed? Indeed, the 48 pieces of information listed below consist of “Surprising” headlines as a proof of how important Google is in individual, social and global life.


Some facts you may not have known about Google, which was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 when they were PhD students at Stanford University, will surprise you. It will not only surprise you but also enrich your knowledge.

About Google

Search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking. Google, LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

Amazing facts about Google

At least 15 percent of every day word searches on Google consist of words that have never been searched before.

When Google was first installed, it was called Backrub and its page was as follows.


In 1999, the founders met with a company called Excite to sell Google. They pronounced $ 1 million in price. Excite denied them, saying Google had no future.


Since its establishment, Google has been a company that attaches more importance to practical intelligence than academic intelligence. Even now, 14 percent of its employees don’t even have a high school diploma.

If you search the Google search bar by typing “askew”, the results appear slightly tilted to the right.

askew Google

If a Google employee dies of natural causes, their spouse continues to receive half a salary for 10 years. Their children are also paid $ 1,000 a month until the age of 19.

Google is trying to build a huge library by completing the scans of 129 million books by 2020.

It used camels to include deserts in Google Street View studies.

Google Street View

To use Bing instead of Google, Microsoft launched a campaign in the US and offered users money.

The “I feel lucky” button costs Google $ 10 million each year. Because this button skips ads in searches.

Google annually generates $ 20 billion in revenue from ads alone. This figure is many times more than the total ad revenue of CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX TV channels between 20.00 – 22.59 (including 22.59), which is called the “prime time” of televisions.


Over 2 million words are questioned on Google every minute.

Gmail, which was put into service on April 1, 2004, was perceived by many users as an April 1 joke and was not taken seriously.


Ben Goodler, the lead developer of the Firefox browser, has been working for Google for years. This is widely voiced as the reason why Firefox could not catch Google.

The first Google Doodle‘s founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page‘s 1998 Rock Festival belonged to Burning Man.

Google Doodle

Also on April 1 of 2007, Google sent an email to all staff suggesting that a stray python snake was spotted on campus and that everyone should be careful. This was not a joke either.

The first corporate Tweet posted by Google was “I feel lucky“. However, this Twitter was written in binary code, that is, numerically.

Google’s first computer storage unit was made entirely of Lego.


Google is making a computer that can program itself and write applications without an operator and without a developer.

Google is the world’s only most visited website.

Google did not lose the title of the country’s largest company in the United States until 2014 in a row.


The Google name was completely accepted after a code error. While trying to write Googol in the original code, it consists of one hundred “0s” followed by the number “1”.

Google is known as a company that prefers dogs to cats. Okay, they love cats too, but their first establishment had phrases in their commercial registers that they could sell dog products.


On August 16, 2013, Google crashed for about 5 minutes. During this time, world internet traffic dropped by 40 percent.

Google has another site in the Star Trek series in the Klingon language, an alien race, and it does the same job.

Google has included 2 companies every month since 2010.

Google Gif

Google Doodle Gif ( is a fully owned Google domain name.

A single Google search requires more processing power than the computer that sent Apollo 11 into space.

Google will pay $ 20 million to any special team that lands on the moon by December 25, 2016. There is even an official website for it called Lunar Xprize.

Facts Google

Facts Google

The Google Lunar XPRIZE was created with two goals in mind. To spur affordable access to the moon and give space entrepreneurs a legitimate platform to develop long-term business models around lunar transportation and to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, space explorers and adventurers to enter the STEM fields.

Google Maps calculates traffic control based on the speed that Android devices can do in traffic.


If you type Atari Breakout in the Google search engine, you can play this game.

On, you can find the most accurate and clear pictures of the planet Mars, infrared pictures of Mars and the altitude information of the planet.


On, you can find the most accurate and clear pictures of the planet Mars, infrared pictures of Mars and the altitude information of the planet…

In 2013, he founded a company called Google Calico, which conducts anti-aging research. This company is also looking for a cure for death.

While Google opened its Gmail service with 1GB free storage space in 2004, Hotmail could only give 2MB of storage space.


The Google Translate service makes use of United Nations documents and Harry Potter novels that have been translated into different languages for decades.

When Google is querying a word, it evaluates 200 factors in less than a thousandth of a second and serves the results.

It was officially determined that 89 percent of the $ 66 billion revenue announced by Google in 2014 came entirely from ads.


Steve Jobs told the executives several times that the yellow color transition of the second letter “O” in the Google logo was incorrect.

Tehran Airport, one of the largest airports in Iran, discovered through Google Earth that the star of David, a Jewish religious symbol, has a pattern on the roof of its central building, 30 years after the building was built.

In 2010, Nicaragua accidentally invaded Costa Rica due to an error in Google Maps.


A Google employee won the first of Facebook‘s annual Hacker Cup, and the employee went to Facebook with a Google hat and t-shirt to receive his award.

It is possible to find the location of all sunken ships that have been discovered so far at the bottom of the world’s seas with Google Maps.

Google Maps

Google Maps Facts

In 1998, the woman who rented the garage of her home to Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page to work, was later hired as YouTube’s first CEO.

Last year, between 17 and 18 o’clock in the USA, the most asked question to Google was “why is my poop green”. In addition, the most searched question between 01 and 02 o’clock was determined as “how to hold a cigarette”.

Even if it is written incorrectly, the company holds hundreds of domain names so that Google can be directed. These include Gooogle, Gogle, Google and even 466453.

Google Doodles

Google Doodles

You can fit all Google and Facebook data in just one gram of your DNA.

Every month, Google distributes hundreds of condoms to its employees in blue, red, green and yellow with the words “feel lucky” in the corner.

Mind-blowing facts about google

The Mountain View, Calif; mammoth’s meteoric rise to the top is chock full of juicy trivia tidbits and mind-blowing milestones along the way.

Here are Mind-blowing facts about google:

  1. When did Google explode?

    Activity began to explode in 2000, when Google became the client search engine for one of the Web’s most popular sites, Yahoo!. By 2004, when Yahoo! dispensed with Google’s services, users were searching on Google 200 million times a day.
  2. Sergey Brin and Larry (Lawrence) Page met by chance.

    Page, 22 at the time, having recently earned a computer engineering degree from the University of Michigan, considers attending Stanford University for his Ph.D. Brin, then 21, already a Ph.D. candidate at the prestigious institution, is assigned to show Page around campus. That was back in 1995 and, as fate would have it, quite the momentous meeting of the minds.
  3. Google is a play on the word “googol.

    ” On Sept. 15, 1997, over the BackRub title, Page and Brin registered the domain name of their mushrooming project as Google, a twist on “googol,” a mathematical term represented by the numeral one followed by 100 zeros. The name hinted at the seemingly infinite amount of data the brainy pair code their fledgling search engine to mine, make sense of and deliver. Many wondered if Google is a misspelling of Googol.
  4. Google was originally named BackRub

    In 1996, Page and Brin collaborated on a pioneering “web crawler” concept curiously called BackRub. Some speculate that the early search engine’s nomenclature was a nod to retrieving backlinks. BackRub, which linked to Brin’s and Page’s ’90s-tastic original homepages, lived on Stanford’s servers for more than a year, but eventually chewed up too much bandwidth.
  5. Google’s first doodle was a Burning Man stick figure

    The inaugural doodle was an out-of-the-office message that Page and Brin created in August of 1998 to let people know they’d shipped off to the Burning Man festival. The future billionaires positioned the iconic Man behind the second “o” in Google’s logo.

Google facts 2018

I compiled a list of more than Google facts 2018 to show you what’s under the hood of the third most valuable company in the world. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

  • There are over 63,000 Google searches each second. That’s almost 227 million an hour and about 5.4 billion Google searches per day.
  • Google, the most popular search engine controls 90% of the global search engine market
  • Google has over 246 million unique US visitors. That’s more than 75% of the US population. 
  • Google earned $116.3 billion in advertising revenue in 2018. 
  • Mobile devices account for 63% of all Google searches
  • There are more than 2.5 billion Android-powered devices worldwide. 
  • Google has invested $47 billion in its tech infrastructure during the last three years.
  • Alphabet’s market cap is over $840 billion.
  • Did you notice something about these Google stats? 


Interesting search in google

Interesting search in google: Go to Google homepage and type the words “I want to commit suicide”. Above all the search results, Google provides the Suicide Helpline number of your country.

A young girl wrote to Google to give her father a day off as it was his birthday. This is what Google sent back in reply. Now, that is something. (Source -Facebook)

Go to Google Maps. Click on the satellite view and zoom out as much as possible. You can see an amazing view of earth with real time shadows. You can see real time clouds if you zoom in twice. Pretty amazing, right?

Happy Lucky Google

Happy Lucky Google

Fun Facts

President William Taft once got stuck in the White House bathtub. Weighing in at over 330 pounds, Taft was by far the heaviest president in our country’s history. This embarrassing story Fun Facts claims that six aides were needed to dislodge his massive frame from the tub.

The entire world’s population could fit inside Los Angeles.

The world’s total population is more than 7.5 billion. And obviously, that number sounds huge. However, it might feel a little more manageable once you learn that if every single one of those people stood shoulder-to-shoulder, they could all fit within the 500 square miles of Los Angeles, according to National Geographic.

I'm Feeling Lucky Google

I Love You Google I’m Feeling Lucky

There are more twins now than ever before.

You might think twins are a rarity, but they’re actually becoming more common than ever. “From about 1915, when the statistical record begins, until 1980, about one in every 50 babies born was a twin, a rate of 2 percent,” writes Alexis C. Madrigal of The Atlantic. “Then, the rate began to increase: by 1995, it was 2.5 percent. The rate surpassed 3 percent in 2001 and hit 3.3 percent in 2010.

That means one out of every 30 babies born is a twin.” Scientists believe this trend is due to the fact that older women tend to have more twins, and women are choosing to start families later. Fertility treatments such as in-vitro fertilization likely also play a role.

I'm Feeling Lucky Gif

I’m Feeling Lucky Gif Google

More people visit France than any other country.

France is a beautiful country, filled to the brim with delicious wines, scrumptious cheese, and tons of romance.

So it’s no surprise that more people want to visit France than any other country in the world, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. In 2017, the European country welcomed 86.9 million people.

Spain was the second-most popular destination with 81.8 million visitors, followed by the United States (76.9 million), China (60.7 million), and Italy (58.3 million). La vie est belle!