Braided hairstyles

41 Best Braided Hairstyles and Ideas on How to Braid in 2021

Considering the most suitable female hairstyle for African American women, it is the first box braids that come to mind. I mean, first and foremost, a special look, designed effortlessly with your big, filled and rich box weaves, is especially valuable in the summer months.

Someone can say that these long chunky box braids are nothing new or fresh, reminding the style of the 90s. We will not argue, they are, but if fashion is cyclical and they come back, they welcome them and look at this expression in the same way as Beyonce, Solange and many other gorgeous African American celebrities.

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Large box braids look great in simple downgrades, but show the full length of these perfectly chunky braids. One of the most popular styles is when you take a few braids from the front part at the top of your forehead and flip them to fix them behind your ear. Alternatively, you can go to stylish updos with voluminous buns or chunky braids. The side-swept fishtail knitted from large box braids is another trend style that will rock this season. Large box braids and half-down styles add more variety to your braided hair styles, and if you find it too eccentric, it will prevent excessive mass on your head.

40 Unhackneyed Hairstyles for Big Box Braids

Yes, box weaves look attractive and ready for low maintenance. Light shampoo that cleans your scalp and light peppermint oil for extra care will be the most important items on your list of care products, but you will finally be able to rest from other styling solutions with chemical ingredients and heat treatments. Let’s check what is suitable for you and your hair.

# 1: Beads Adorned Braids

40 gorgeous big box braids styles

This simple look adds a fun touch to the classic big box weave style with minimal hassle. Knit some beads on your braids and get yourself a brand new look that doesn’t require any additional style. Let the compliments in!

# 2: Half Retracted Braids

This elegant and cute look is perfect to show off your braids and beautiful face! Simply pull your braids off your face and tie them to a neat miniature ponytail. You are ready for the day!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 2

# 3: Chopped Shoulder Length Braids

Need a new look? Color some hair accessories that you can use with your bob braids for a modern African look. For a subtle shine hint, use some tiny beads like this photo.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 3

# 4: Kanekalon braids

Show your color with this braided look. In this photo, the braids on the front of the face are pulled back and woven between them, where they meet at the top of the head. Looking aside a little bit aside together.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 4

# 5: Chunky Golden Blonde Braids

Every other girl is waving dark brown box braids. But how about personalizing this style with an elegant color? This dark golden blonde is very attractive to the eye. Add a style stamp to your big box braids by simply adding the beading ornament. Simple, slim and stylish. Who knew it would be so easy to look good?

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 5

# 6: Two Tone Auburn Box Braids

Box braids are a popular hairstyle among African-Americans, with not only low maintenance but also cool girl air where they feel leaks. These are great for trying dark colors that you wouldn’t normally use. But a color that complements your skin tone is always a safe choice.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 6

# 7: Half Bun for Thick Braids

While big box braids are an expression on their own, there are simple ways to make them more unique to you. Geometric parts are just one of these ways. To show the pieces, try a half-up, half-down style, decorated with a large knob.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 7

# 8: Ombré Box Braids

Chunky braids are now in high demand because they spend less time compared to micro braids, while their oversized styles look modern and self-sufficient. Why not develop this stylish charm with an equally popular ombre? The best part is that you don’t have to worry about dying your natural locks.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 8

# 9: Black Box Weaves with Hip Length

If you’ve always wanted long locks, box braids are definitely the way to go. If you are trying to grow your own hair, they protect your natural hair. Add some attention to your metallic wrapped hair.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 9

# 10: Thick Braids With Cuffs

Give your large braids a boho accent with beads or metallic cuffs. Fine additions provide a small sheen and visual interest that prevents your braids from being boring or puncturing like everyone else.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 10

# 11: Yellowing Jumbo Braids

With braids, you can play freely in any color your heart desires. Burgundy and auburn are particularly soft colors for dark skin tones. The dark red color works for all seasons.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 11

# 12: Colored Yellowing Semi Knit

Add some color to the jet black braids that wrap multicolored hair throughout. They give your locks a playful and coy feeling. The skins will look particularly cool, especially when looking at the top knot or half-up ponytail.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 12

# 13: Caramel Box Braids

Large box braids will offer you the volume and style you desire. They let it grow under your natural hair so you can feel free to finally lighten up your bleach.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 13

# 14: Oversized Box Braids

They say it is better for a bigger reason. Go to the jumbo to make a statement. Thick braids are definitely younger than thinner and thinner ones. If you are looking for a beautiful and clean style, you don’t need to choose unexpected colors or extra colors.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 14

# 15: Highlights

For a hairstyle that mimics the highlights, mix two different colors in each weave. Sometimes, being a uniform is overrated. The mixture of tones gives an infinite size by beautifully breaking the weaves.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 15

# 16: Black and Blue Box Braids

Thick box braids look great in sophisticated colors. Why not try the shade dark blue to add some depth before going through the hair, to tug a little bit of the whole look.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 16

# 17: Burgundy large braids

For extra style, try your extra large box braids. These jumbo braids can be a little heavy, but it’s worth it. Mix different colors to make the look more fun. Don’t forget to shed your baby’s hair for a perfect and smooth look.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 17

# 18: Purple and Gray Braids

Box braids are a good choice for trying out the hottest colors of the season, like the lavender and gray hairstyle shown below. The braids are not precise and make the colors of “this” look cooler – when you think this is not possible.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 18

# 19: Half Brown Braids

Looking at as many box weave pictures as possible before finishing your hair is a smart way to help you choose the color you think will be right for you. Honey and chestnuts are a welcome complement to a wide range of African-American skin tones.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 19

# 20: Thick Platinum Braids

Oversized weaves are a beautiful canvas to show the nuances of the chosen color. The tones are enlarged and have nowhere to hide. Go to the platinum bleach, without even touching the bleach. Thick extensions cover your dark strands and make you a beautiful blonde.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 20

# 21: Braided Bob with Highlights

A short, clean bob is another option for braids that shouldn’t be overlooked. This is especially great for women on the move, if waist length extensions are easier to care for. A small color mixed along the length ensures that the shoulder-length crop does not spoil its style.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 21

# 22: Multi-Color Braided Mohawk

Large knitting styles can be very domestic, but they also demand more adventurous looks that look like more violent mohawks. Some scalp is shown, the braids instantly become something thick and edgy. Mix it with warm colors to get a unique look.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 22

# 23: Fuchsia Braids With Cuff

Try a bright fuchsia for girls. The deep hue is eye-catching but surprisingly plain. You can pair it with both neutral and bright wardrobe. Metallic clamps are always a nice touch to upgrade the braided hairstyle.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 23

# 24: Classic African Inspired Box Braids

If you want maximum volume and minimum scalp display, keep the braids close together. It also has a clean and tidy look. You can be sure that you can continue with vivid colors, but there is something very stylish and elegant about the black braids that wrap the feathered waist slip.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 24

# 25: Conspicuous Oversized Bun

Large braid hairstyles often feel heavy when worn loosely. Throw your braids into a bun on long days when you don’t have to sit back and worry. A bun is always the right, polished look for a formal event or meeting in the office.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 25

# 26: High Knit Pony

Hitting or running your club or running, throwing your braids into a pony shows you are ready to swing the world. Match your box braids with the bottom walls to provide more edges!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 26

# 27: Half-Up Halo Braid

Having long sweet locks can be both a blessing and a curse, but with these large box braids you can really embrace the length you’ve always dreamed of. This hairstyle draws half the braids back for a comfortable and clean look. You can’t really go wrong with this easy and cute solution!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 27

# 28: Braids with Blonde Lines

Add a splash of color to make your large box braids unique. It works perfectly with chunky braids because it allows you to show your blonde line.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 28

# 29: Pompadour Made Of Braids

This casual shot with a classic look creates a stylish and new look for your braided hair. This is actually a simple half-up, half-down look, but with the trendy and polished effect of pompadour. The best of both worlds at a glance!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 29

# 30: High Field Buns

This look has it all: sass, originality, courage and intelligence! Simply gather your braids on both sides of your head and turn them into buns. Get ready to receive lots of praise and have your friends take a photo of this fun look. This hairstyle is a sure way to make people talk!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 30

# 31: Twisted Half-Up Bun

Get creative with your big braids using this fashionable hairstyle. The top knot is a classic style that works for almost any occasion and can even be used to show off your free hanging braids, leaving half of your hair. Photos like this show that this look will never get old!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 31

# 32: Tightly Woven Braids

Impress all your Instagram followers with such a complex look. This hairstyle can take some time, but the beautiful result is worth it. Knit and overlap your braids tightly over your head to create some kind of fluff. A suitable look for a queen, how appropriate.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 32

# 33: Chunky Braided Pony

Turn your head with this boss! This is not any regular old ponytail and you can be sure that you will get the attention you deserve! Show your thick braids by placing them over your head and turn a line to tie them. You are a force to watch out for, and now everyone knows!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 33

# 34: Ponytail of Thick Braids

Sometimes the best way to “drop your hair down” is to pull it back to the classic ponytail pouf. The good news is that this simple hairstyle looks a lot more fun when done with braids. Make classic modern in one easy step!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 34

# 35: Braided Half Up Style

Get a relaxed, stylish look with a loose ponytail with this half-up hairstyle. This is the perfect way to showcase your braids and keep your hair out of your face to conquer the world. Fun, coquette and hassle free!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 35

# 36: High Half Ponytail

Just like you, this look is ready for the party! Use your large box braids for their maximum potential by getting both the fun look of the high ponytail and the free spirited look of the long braids behind you. Party on top, party on bottom!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 36

# 37: Featured by Blondes:

Try this bold hairstyle and look like your favorite style icons from pictures in magazines. In this photo, the splash of color adds the finishing touch to the large top knob that bends effortlessly around its base. A look that shows everyone that you’re not afraid to take risks when it comes to style.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 37

# 38: Elegant Side Twist for Box Braids

Tired of feeling the weight of your braids on your shoulder? Slide all of them to one side with the help of half bending. Hmmm… It feels good and looks great!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 38

# 39: Semi-Classic Classic Bun

The classic bun looks great, but sometimes feels a bit too formal. Don’t overdo it with this half-up half-down style. This easy half bouncy big box is perfect for braids and makes anyone look stylish.

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 39

# 40: Low Ponytail for Chunky Box Braids

Thick braids can be a lot to overcome, but this hairstyle takes care of this. Wrap some braids in an ordinary ponytail, using some stray braids to create this easy look of the day. The unnatural color mix here makes this hairstyle much more fun. Who said ponytail is boring? We are not!

40 gorgeous big box braids styles 40

If the box braids seem like a good idea, decide their length and diameter. The following detailed galleries can help you choose something you really like: small box braids and long box braids. More charming and versatile versions of braided hairstyles are also at your service.