We love looking at girls bun photos and videos! We will have great hair bun suggestions that will tidy up their thin hair and prevent the hair from bothering children. Thanks to the special hairstyles for girls, you can now make different and sweet hair styles for girls. Get inspired by the following hairstyles and start making different bun hairstyles for your little girl or your friends’ girls.

Girl knob models

Bun with bangs

Bun hairstyles look great for little girls who have a bang!

Twisted bun

You can choose the double bun hairstyle to collect your little ones’ hair with a different hairstyle.

Ballerina knob

Don’t get your daughter’s hair too tight while making the ballerina bun! Squeezing your hair too deeply can cause a headache.

Tight bun

When you twist your hair and make a double bun, your hair will look more remarkable. This rule applies to you and your daughter’s hair!

House knob

Making a house bun when you are overwhelmed with heat will instantly help the girl to relax.

Double bun

If you are looking for a stylish hairstyle for the boy while going to a special invitation or dinner with the girls, you will love the double bun hairstyle.

Bun model for thick strands

The voluminous bun model is very practical for girls with thick strands.

Classic bun

Don’t cut baby hair that grows out of girls’ foreheads. You can control this baby hair by gathering it when it grows out.

Air bun

To say that a double hair bun suits girls, right?

Shabby bun

When your girl does a reading or play activity, you can prevent her from being easily distracted by collecting her hair.

Bun for curly hair

The bun is the most savior hairstyle for girls with curly hair!

Bun for straight hair

You can leave thin strands from the front to make a difference to your girls’ hairstyle.

Stylish bun

Give your daughter a more energetic look by trying different hairstyles while going to dinner with your daughter.