17 comforting and delicious recipes to enjoy cooking with on the holidays -!

Holidays can be the ideal opportunity to bake a cake or bread, make a barbecue, prepare a stew that takes us longer or take a recipe in stride, fleeing from the rush that we carry around any other day of the week.

It is a time to disconnect and gastronomy can be perfect to relax, especially if we later share the feast with family and friends. That is why we propose these eleven recipes with which you can enjoy cooking without haste, starting with a delicious chickpea stew spiced with turmeric and coconut milk.

It’s known on Instagram as “The Stew”, and it’s an aromatic chickpea stew stewed with turmeric . Its flavor is spectacular, and its texture is very pleasant, so once you try it it will become part of your recipe book, I tell you from experience. If you have guests at home you can serve it in small casseroles like these that will go directly to the Instagram account of your friends.

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More comforting legume recipes to warm up Andalusian stew

As a Madrilenian, I love stew, that’s why when I first tried the Andalusian stew I liked it so much. This traditional recipe is perfect to warm up and to make on winter days. With a pressure cooker we will only need an hour and a half to have it ready , and the rest of the time, we can dedicate it to enjoying some of these plans.

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Ear veneers

Veneers are a soft legume and in this typical Velada and Talavera recipe, it is cooked in two times, which adds a bit more thickness. Despite being a bean dish, this variety adds a lot of lightness to the dish .

Creamy bean, vegetable and parmesan soup

We love traditional legume recipes. They are a classic in the kitchen and a delicious way to consume a product full of properties, but they are also versatile and can be prepared in very original ways, such as this creamy soup with beans, vegetables and Parmesan that comforts body and soul.

Beans with monkfish

Legumes don’t need chorizo ​​to be delicious. If we stew them with a good fish , as in this recipe with monkfish, we will have a much less heavy and healthier dish , but equally delicious and comforting.

Lentils with pickled breasts

This recipe is more laborious than simple stewed lentils would be, but without a doubt, this is a much more original option that we can make with a little time in home. We can pickle some breasts, quail or any other bird we want.

Recipes with chicken to avoid the polar cold Chicken cider with apple and blueberries

My grandmother on holidays always cooked a chicken stew that smelled throughout the house and that invited us to dip bread. A recipe for chicken in sauce like this one that is perfect to make slowly and calmly . In Directo al Paladar they take advantage of seasonal fruit to give a different touch to a traditional dish and we love the result.

Chicken drumsticks in creamy pumpkin sauce

It is still pumpkin season and this recipe is surprising, tasty, warm and ideal to take advantage of this vegetable. The creamy sauce is made using a roasted pumpkin puree as a base, which gives it that unctuousness and that special flavor .

Italian style roast chicken

We love Italian gastronomy , and this barbecue is just a sample of it. It’s simple and a perfect excuse to turn on the oven on a holiday. The experts give us a recommendation in this recipe: “If we want the chicken skin to be golden brown, we do without the aluminum foil and grill it uncovered.” Ear kitchen.

Special recipes for holidays Octopus fideuá

Paellas and rice dishes are weekend dishes . We need a little more time to prepare a good broth, and be aware of how it is cooking so that it is just right. This option of octopus fideuá is an excellent option if we want to avoid the most classic rice dishes, without sacrificing flavor.

Salmon risotto with crunchy Parmesan It is a simple recipe, but for which we need a dedication time that will be reflected in the result . Just follow the steps in the video to have a recipe for 10. And it is a sample of the many options that are proposed to us at Directo al Paladar, where we find more than twenty risotto recipes with which to lick our fingers.

Traditional Wellington Sirloin You can take advantage of the holiday to try a Christmas recipe like this spectacular sirloin Wellington with which to surprise at your dinners. A very traditional recipe that you can get the point of these days.

Bonito and mushroom cake with béchamel in puff pastry

A recipe to share with the family. This is what this bonito and mushroom cake with béchamel in puff pastry is like, which has a creamy interior and a lot of flavor. It will be a complete meal if you accompany it with a light autumn salad like these.

A sweet ending: dessert recipes that we love Kvæfjord, the best cake in the world

It is not an easy recipe because it takes a long time to prepare, but it is nicknamed the best cake in the world so the effort deserves the sorrow. A Norwegian banana and coconut cake that will not leave anyone indifferent, little word.

Brownie cheesecake Why choose? On holidays we want to eat everything and this dessert combines two recipes that we love, the brownie and the cheesecake. The recipe is simpler than it seems , and we only need a rectangular mold to achieve a result like the one in the photo.

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Masterchef’s carrot cake This is a very good time to get down to work with an aromatic carrot cake with orange like the one we could see in one of Masterchef programs. Here we tell you all the details of the recipe step by step so you don’t miss anything at all.

Almond polvorones

We are in the festive season and we could not finish this article without a Christmas recipe as good as the one for these polvorones almond. From Directo al Paladar they are clear: once you try them, you will stop buying them . They are also a precious gift if we wrap them in waxed paper and put them in a little metal Christmas box like this one.

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