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Christmas is approaching and with it the lunches and dinners with friends and family, some of them we will celebrate at home and we will find ourselves with the typical problem of not having enough chairs for all the diners . Even if we put together the dining room and kitchen, the teleworking area and the bathroom stool, sometimes it is not enough for all the guests and on top of that the mix is ​​fatal … The best solution is to have, inside the house or in the storage room, a set of folding chairs for special occasions like this one. The one in the cover image is a vintage industrial style model that costs on Amazon 169, 06 euros. It has a long delivery time and would not arrive before Christmas, but we have prepared a wide selection of others that do and including much cheaper options. Vintage Industrial Style Dining Chair Portable Folding Corduroy Accent Chair for Home Office Restaurant Reception Milk Tea Shop Red The best-selling Amazon in folding chairs is this model in black and gray that costs 20, 95 euros. HERSIG – Folding Chair | Folding Metal Chair – Black and Gray Color This traditional design model in wood costs 21, 50 euros. BUIANI 450 B 33 – Folding Wooden Chair, 1 unit With a somewhat more elaborate design, a folding dining chair in SoBuy wood is found by 54, 95 euros. SoBuy Folding Chair, Wooden Chair, Kitchen Chair, Dining Chair, FST 40 – HG, ES If we choose design firms the prices go up, but it can compensate depending on what we are looking for, this Alessi model in red has a price from 127, 75 euros. Alessi Piana Folding Chair, Red, 50 x 47 x 90 cm The signatures are a guarantee of design and, in many cases, also of quality as in the case of the Foppapedretti folding chair in walnut which is priced at 133, 10 euros. Foppapedretti Luna Folding Chair, Wood, Walnut A folding chair padded with synthetic leather in black is worth 56, 30 euros. hjh Office Tudela 925451 – Folding chair (padded, synthetic leather, supports up to 130 kg), black color A folding chair with brown rattan finish costs 21 , 83 euros. Resol Folding Chair, Rattan, brown, 44, 5 x 54 x 83, 50 cm One folding chair in black like the one in the photo is worth 21, 87 euros. GUNDE – Folding chair, black A pack of two faux leather folding chairs by Vida XL is priced at 75, 99 euros. vidaXL 2X Folding Dining Chairs Faux Leather Furniture Decoration Elegant Functional Modern Practical Patio Bar Restaurant Durable Black The pack of two aluminum folding chairs like the ones in the photo costs 49, 91 euros. Eurosilla 21 ALUX-2 Mod. 22 Folding Chair, Metal, Aluminum, 2 Unit From Kave Home, the Aidana folding chair in green metal is worth 31, 100 euros. Kave Home – Dark Green Metal Aidana Folding Chair A pack of four folding chairs with metallic structure and glossy green pvc costs only 79 euros. duehome (Candy) Pack 4 Folding chairs Metallic structure and Glossy PVC 47 x 46 x 76 cm Height (Pistachio) An ultra resistant folding chair from Lifetime we found it for 32, 50 euros. LIFETIME 80615 – LIFETIME ultra-resistant folding chair 52, 7 x 47, 9 x 84, 5 cm UV 100 A pack of four folding chairs of Varnished beech wood costs 103, 87 euros. THINIA HOME Pack 4 Buiani Varnished Beech Wood Folding Chairs And we close with this model of folding chair in white plastic and metal by 35, 28 euros. Versa Belfort Dining chair, kitchen or terrace, Folding, Dimensions (H x L x W) 77 x 44, 3 x 42, 5 cm, Plastic and metal, Color White Note: some of the links published here are from affiliates. Despite this, none of the articles mentioned have been proposed either by the brands or by the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the team of editors. In Decoesfera | How to make gingerbread cookies (to decorate the tree, or for breakfast or snack)