12 keys to decorate the table at Christmas and make it perfect -!

Setting the table at Christmas can be a challenge, especially if we are first-time hosts or if we are going to receive more guests at home than we are used to. But if we have learned something in recent times, it is the importance of having beautiful houses and taking care of the details to enjoy those little moments of happiness. In addition to planning the menu well and taking care with the dishes, the length of the table also adds many points.

To help all those people who are going to have to act as hosts for first time, or for those who want to do their best to set a beautiful table and surprise their guests with a really special evening, we have prepared this little guide with elements to take into account to improve the decoration of the dinner table. Christmas.

Think about the design of the table If you want to put a nice table, no It is worth arriving at Christmas Eve and starting to put it to the tuntún. To set a flirty table, the first thing is to sit down and design how the staging is going to be. Think that you have to set the table with care, because it is a way of telling your guests that you care , and that you are doing it for them.

Imagine what style you want to predominate, in what colors you are going to assemble it, open your cabinets to see what tableware or pieces you have, how you can combine them … Let it be noticed that it is a party. And also think about the deco that you are going to prepare. Above all, that you are not afraid to dare with different colors and surprise.

The first step: the tablecloth

Deciding which tablecloth to put on is one of the most complicated decisions when setting up a table. There must be a coherence and a plot thread between the tablecloth, the dishes and the decorative elements. Everything will depend on the style you want to give it … You can bet on tablecloths with Christmas prints, or for plain tablecloths. In the event that you are going to put a lot of decoration, the most successful thing is to bet on a plain linen tablecloth or with a very fine print , so that both the deco and the dishes stand out . This linen tablecloth from El Corte Inglés costs 39, 99 $.

White linen tablecloth from El Corte Inglés

In case you are going to put little decoration, do not think about it and for a Christmas tablecloth to help you dress the table . In any case, don’t forget to put an oilcloth underneath to protect the wood, and above all, don’t forget to iron it. Also, for aesthetics, should hang some 40 centimeters on each side.

Regarding the debate on whether to put a tablecloth or not , everything will depend on the style of the table, and above all, on how beautiful the table is. If it is a noble wood or marble table, and you want to give it a modern or Nordic style, a few table runners will suffice. Otherwise, if the table is normal or even ugly, do not hesitate: the tablecloth is a key piece.

If you liked Villeroy & Boch Christmas tableware, you can find it on Amazon and at El Corte Inglés. The presentation plate costs 35, 90 $.

Villeroy & Boch 14 – 6967 – 2680 Toy’s Delight presentation plate, for Christmas, 35 cm, Porcelain, White / Multicolor

Choose the color range of your Christmas table

You can opt for the traditional colors of Christmas, such as red and green, or for a Nordic-inspired Christmas in which white and shades reign neutral. But, what if you surprise your guests with other colors? Imagine a table in blue or pink … And of course, play with gold to give an elegant touch and sophisticated.

You will get a very instagrammable table, and the effect on your guests will be unique. If you are concerned that your tableware is white or in neutral tones, it does not matter, with the decoration and with elements such as napkin rings or candle holders we can give the table that touch of color that we are looking for.

Did you like these fur blankets? In El Corte Inglés there are decorative Irina fur blankets by 70, 95 $.

Irina El Corte Inglés hair blanket

The tableware, protagonist

Lovers of good food know how important it is to take care of the presentation of each recipe. The same recipe, no matter how good it is, does not taste the same in a beautiful dish with a careful presentation, which is served in any way. Therefore, we are going to take care of the dishes that we are going to choose.

If you have good or old dishes that you never take out For fear of breaking, do it this year . The dishes give happiness, and are to be used. Prepare an underplate to show that it is a party. If you don’t have the same dishes for everyone, don’t be afraid to mix: mixing is joy. In this case, try using a linen tablecloth so that the mixture looks good and does not look like a pastiche.

Did you like these pink plates ? You have them in El Corte Inglés for 3, 99 $.

And what decoration do I put?

A Christmas table cannot be without decoration. And also, you don’t have to spend too much money or be an expert in floral decoration to make the table look pretty. If the table is round, you can put a Christmas wreath , with one or several candles in the center. If you have an old artificial Christmas center you can update it by adding some natural plant element, and some Christmas tree balls.

Do you want to put a centerpiece like the one in the image on your table? You have it in El Corte Inglés by 29, 95 $. And to give it more color and richness, we have added decorative pendants like this piece in pink and gold with the shape of an acorn that costs only 3, 95 $ and you can reuse many times.

But if the table is rectangular, a table runner with vegetal elements will be spectacular . Our advice is that you go to a florist, and buy some branches of Spanish fir (a kind of fir that is used a lot in Christmas decorations), eucalyptus, moss and some holly. Also pick up some pineapples in the park.

Before starting to make the table runner, and to ensure that the decoration is neither too fair nor too exuberant, it is best to mark the position of each guest with the base plate , and from there, start preparing the decoration.

Think that unless you are as baroque as I am, the important thing is that the center or the decoration fits the size of the table and that it does not invade the space in which we are going to place plates, glasses, cutlery, and that diners can eat comfortably.

To make the path , extend the fir branches from the center to the ends, and intersperse the eucalyptus, pine cones and holly branches with their traditional red fruits. To make it more spectacular if possible, you can skip candle holders between the branches, some flowers, and even pendants and Christmas balls or peacock feathers (03, 99 $ to be a little more original. To make it more special, you can also put a led string of lights along the way.

If you want something simpler, just make a table runner with moss, interspersed with candles and some Christmas balls.

Crystal ball with brown Christmas feathers

Mwoot 15 pcs Natural Peacock Feathers, for home decoration DIY Jewelry Party Art and more (24 – 32 CM)

The candles cannot be missing A Christmas without candles is not Christmas . Its flame gives us comfort, helps to create magical environments. And although the protocol says that you only have to put candles at night, there are many table experts who bet on putting candles in meals like Christmas for that touch of warmth that we like so much. And because in addition, the light of winter noon is not as strong as that of August, and the tinkling flame of a candle is perfect with that December light.

You can use candle holders, smaller candle holders, even prepare a tray full of candles and some Christmas deco element to serve you as a centerpiece … At this point, it is very important to remember that candles should not have fragrance , since their aroma can cause us not to appreciate the aromas of the food itself that let’s taste. In addition, it is not convenient to put candles in the area of ​​the table where children are going to sit to avoid undesirable accidents.

If you are looking for a different chandelier, this piece that forms a row of acorns is perfect. Costs 44, 95 $.

The order of the cutlery

When it comes to placing the cutlery, this is when most people usually have doubts. Actually, the protocol is very simple, since it tells us that are placed as we go to use them during the meal : the first ones that we are going to use are placed on the outside.

Thus, on the right side, from the outside to the inside , we will place the spoon, and the fish knife, and the meat knife (with the edge always facing inside). On the left side, the fish fork, and next to the plate, the meat one. On top of the plate, with the handle to the right, we will place the dessert spoon, while the dessert fork will be placed with the handle to the left. Between the plates and cutlery leave a space of 3 cm.

If you prefer, another system is to put the cutlery in a bundle on the napkin, and this, place it on top of the plate. And for a Christmas table, the gold cutlery (3, 50 $ always provide a sophisticated and party touch.

Gold cutlery by pieces.

How to place the glasses The subject of the glasses is another element that also always causes doubts. In a gala table there is an order, but in the case of a Christmas table, the recommendation of any expert is to place only the glasses that we are going to use . At most, a glass of red wine, a glass of white, and a glass of water.

In the case of the cava glass, it is best to take them out on a tray in the time to serve dessert. Thus we do not occupy more space than necessary and we do not overload the table with unnecessary elements. You can even put a waitress with the glasses that we are not using , or to leave the bottles or the decanter.

And how to place the glasses? Its location will be on top of the plate, at the top, from the smallest cup to the largest. Place the white wine glass first, then the red wine glass, and finally the water glass.

Did you like the glasses with the golden edge and plant motifs? They are from El Corte Inglés, and cost 5, 95 $.

The bread plate

The bread plate is a very important element for lovers of beautiful tables, since it is one of those details that make the difference between a neat table and one that is not. In the market there are very cute table plates, which can match the dishes, or completely break. Imagine a pink china, and a plate for golden bread (4, 95 $) … And to place it, must always be located to the left of the plate, on top of the cutlery.

Napkin rings (and napkins)

With napkins there is always the eternal debate between those who choose to create compositions, or on the contrary, place the napkin in a more or less simple way. Our advice, and more so in this COVID year in which the less we handle the objects that are going to go on the table, the better, is to place it on the plate with a little grace to decorate us, or to the left of it.

And as a napkin holder, you can prepare a handmade napkin holder by making some bouquets with ilex and pinsapo, and a little sisal rope. This way, the napkin holder will match the rest of the decoration.

This dessert plate with a Christmas tree costs in El Corte Inglés 19, 90 $.

Dessert plate from Villeroy & Boch

Labels for names

I have to admit that I like to mark with labels, or with a waiter, the place where each guest goes. It is a decorative element with a lot of potential , which also manages to convey to the guests the feeling that when preparing the table, we have thought of them.

In addition, this Covid Christmas, these elements become more important than ever, taking into account that we must set the table by grouping the guests by coexistence units , trying to sit them diagonally to avoid that especially non-cohabitating people have someone in front of them.

A good idea may be to make handmade labels , buying kraft paper labels (9, 99 $ and some rubber stamps with the alphabet (16, 99 $, to place for example on the napkin holder, or on a pinsapo sprig and some red berries.

ULTNICE 69 pcs alphabet stamps number stamps rubber stamp stamps with wooden box

Anpro 120 Parts Labels Kraft Paper Luggage Tags Gift Tags Wedding Paper Tags with 30 Meters of Jute Twine

A detail for each guest

To make your guests feel more special if it fits, prepare a detail that you can leave on the presentation plate . It can be a handmade detail, the initial of each one painted on a beautiful paper, or simply a Christmas ornament so that they can be taken as a souvenir of the evening.

To reproduce this look, find the champagne glasses in pink (7, 95 $) and some details for wine glasses with different shapes (13, 99 euros).

Christmas Wine Glass Ornaments 18 Wine Glass Labels Champagne Cocktail Identifiers Drink Markers for Stem Glasses Wine Accessories Hostess Gifts

Crowns on the chairs

And now to finish off the decoration and let nothing be left to chance, you can hang small crowns on the back of the chairs . You can buy it already made, like a pretty one with pinecones and natural branches 29, 95 $, or do it yourself. You can make a circle with a wire, and knot green branches, or buy empty garlands to fill them (15, 99 $). From the center you can hang a Christmas detail.

Pinecone Wreath and Christmas Branches. Price in El Corte Inglés:

El Corte Inglés Christmas Pine and pine cones wreath

3 pieces Christmas Garland, Hanging Christmas Garland DIY Handmade Rattan Natural Wicker Garlands Christmas Garland Hanging Christmas Wreath 20 cm

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