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10 Scary IMPOSSIBLE Horror Stories

It’s a pastime that has long been central to the plot of horror fiction, but cliches have got to come from somewhere…  Just be careful whose car you get into, or who you’re picking up, because here are 10 Scary IMPOSSIBLE Horror Stories.

10 hitchhiking Scary IMPOSSIBLE Horror Stories

number 10 whatever happened to amy


in 1974 on an ordinary afternoon in


amy bilik was headed from her home to

her father’s nearby art gallery

some construction workers in her

neighborhood reported to have seen her

walking by

but then she vanished a lot has happened

during the past 46 years including new

witnesses findings and speculation but

amy has never been

found still in what’s considered the

most likely of the hypotheses

surrounding her

hitching a ride may have been what cost

amy her life

according to jack calvar the latest

detective on the case

amy might have asked for a ride from the

wrong people a motorcycle gang to be


who then killed her this is supported by

amy’s mother

sue bilik who back in 1975 received a

few phone calls by different bikers

claiming they had seen susan with paul


according to these calls amy was

identified as branch’s girlfriend

other evidence has emerged across the

years but the most reliable is the

confession a woman made at the bbc

in 1996. she claimed her husband a biker

named paul branch

told her on his deathbed that amy was

kidnapped by a gang near the everglades

he did not add much to that though such

as how he knew such information

or what happened to her and so the case


open number nine patience

is a virtue jesus denise mendoza of

warland in wyoming was stunk on a

roadside in montana in july of 2015 when

the shane family pulled over for him

husband and wife jason and tana along

with their 26 year old daughter had

spotted jesus in trouble and offered him

a ride

however before they knew it jesus had

pulled out a rifle and threatened them

urging them to get out of the car the

shocked family followed his orders but

it did them no good

as they were walking away jesus gunned

them down killing jason antana but the

daughter miraculously survived

a few people witnessed the scene and

stopped by to help but jesus shot at

them too

wounding two people he then got into the

family’s car

and drove off jesus had been released

from jail on burglary and drugs charges

just two weeks earlier

he was quickly recaptured and sentenced

to life in prison

number eight eric or albert

on july the 14th 1973 paula gail lee

decided to run away from her home

washington courthouse ohio with the help

of her friend mark matson

during the 1970s the cheapest and

fastest way to travel was hitchhiking if

you couldn’t drive yourself

so the two waited on the side of the

road until a huge white panel truck

pulled over

a man introducing himself as eric

offered them a lift to miami

however eric’s real name was in fact

albert brust and the two friends never

reached miami

the man drove them to his home where he

kept them inside a torture room as later

described by paula

eventually mark lunged for a gun but

brust got the better of him and shot him


then after 34 hours somehow the reason

remains a mystery and you’ll see why in

a second

he finally freed paula of course the

first thing she did with their freedom

was to run to the police to tell what

had happened

however the police did not get the

chance to arrest brust who allegedly

committed suicide on his front lawn

but they still managed to find mark’s

body inside the house

number 7 the coed headhunter

edmund kemper is one of the most famous

serial killers in american history

at only 15 years old he killed his


he was reasonably deemed criminally

insane and sentenced to years of

solitary confinement

however he convinced him he was

recovered from his insanity and was

released in 1969

so his reign of terror began it was may

of 1972

kemba bought a bright yellow ford galaxy

to cruise up and down the west coast

where he began to pick up hitchhikers

again plenty of students were used to it

back then

by doing this kemper could observe the

range of people asking for rides and had

a chance of perfecting his plan

and mastering his persuasive tricks once

ready over the course of 10 months

kemper drove a total of six victims most

of them hitchhikers into a rural

area and killed them the killings

culminated with the murder of his own

mother and her friend

after which he reported himself to the

police he requested the death penalty

but was denied it and is still behind

bars to this day

number six kai the hitchhiker drifter

caleb mcgilvary found internet fame in


as kai the homeless hatchet-wielding

hitchhiking hero

after a cable news interview with him

went viral

in the now infamous interview the man

who presented himself as kai

relayed the story of how he’d been

picked up by some insane guy who wanted

to prove his strength as

jesus christ so he plowed his pickup

truck into a bystander and pinned them


then when two women came to their aid

the crazy driver stormed over and

grabbed one of them

as kyre recounted he hopped out grabbed

an axe and stopped the man

saving the day kai seemed like a good

samaritan with

quick reflexes his interview reached

national attention

landing him spots on jimmy kimmel live

and the late show with stephen colbert

that is until plot twist only three

months later it turned out he wasn’t

such a nice guy after all

he was arrested in philadelphia for

slaying a 73 year old new jersey


joseph golfy number five

the backpackers killer from what we’ve

learned so far hitchhiking is never a

good idea

especially considering the large number

of serial killers that use it as a means

to pick victims

ivan millat known as the backpackers

killer terrorized australia for a decade

he kidnapped and murdered at least seven

victims between 1989 and 1992.

they were all backpackers hitchhiking on

a long stretch of road between sydney

and melbourne

milats picked them up sometimes in pairs

others alone but he always took them to

the belanglo state forest in new south


where he killed and buried them that is

until 1990 when milat met

paul onions a british man backpacking

across australia who hitched a ride to


as later reported to the police millat

kept asking suspicious questions

such as if anyone was waiting for him in

canberra then once they reached the

forest mallat threatened onions who

managed to escape

his later testimony would be crucial

because it was thanks to him the police

searched millat’s house

in southwestern sydney in connection

with what they believed to be a robbery

finding items that belonged to other

victims instead

number 4. rv from hell a serviceman on

leave kidnapping and killing young men

a chilling and unfortunately true story

from 1980s france

over the years eight young men

disappeared in the zone known as the

mormulon triangle

close to the city of rems only two

bodies were ever found though

such as the body of young irish

hitchhiker trevor o’keefe which was

discovered in the woods

however in 1988 a police patrol came

across a suspicious rv

parked in a dead-end road they burst

into the vehicle to find a hungarian

hitchhiker tied up by a french army

officer who was recording the whole


pierre chanel a member of the elite

french army was arrested for kidnapping

and torturing the hitchhiker

further dna tests carried out on

chanel’s rv also revealed the hair of

other victims in the end chanel sat

trial for all eight of the men who had


but on the eve of the trial he killed

himself so the truth about the other

murders was never fully uncovered

number three bridal trip controversial

and extreme art can be an interesting

pursuit but when it can lead you on a

literal path to death

it may be best to take a step back back

in 2007 performance artist pippa becker

and her friend sylvia moreau

embarked on a long journey to spread a

message of peace and trust through the


as part of their performance they

resolved to wear their wedding dresses

and hitchhike from italy to the middle


in a project called brideson tour in

march of 2008 they set off

journeying through the balkans and into

turkey the gateway of asia

only two weeks into the journey in

istanbul pippa separated from a fellow

traveller with a plan to meet up again

in beirut

however they would never meet again

twelve days later her body was found in

some bushes

it’s been established by the authorities

that baka was offered a ride near the

village of gebz just 60 km southeast of


the turkish police managed to track down

the killer a man named marat karatas

via his cell phone and eventually gave

him a life sentence

number two the freeway killer in 1979 a

german student named marcus grabs was

backpacking across california

on the 6th of august his dead body was

found beside a road in southern


unfortunately it was only the beginning

of the nightmare over the next year more

and more bodies turned up and it began

clear to the authorities they were

dealing with a serial killer

the press even dubbed them the freeway

killer the freeway killer was finally

caught after police followed a suspect

to a hollywood car park

they caught william bonin in the back of

his van after he just picked up his last

victim who thankfully

survived another man survived bonin’s

aggression 10 days earlier but he only

realized how lucky he was

afterwards in a detailed letter to the

guardian newspaper in 2016

roger sprosten recounted how lucky he

was to somehow manage to escape from the

killer’s car

he still carries the weight of that

event though years later sproston still

wakes up in the middle of the night

experiencing flashbacks

from that horrifying experience number


the pendergast family get ready because

we’re ending this video with the most

terrifying story of all of them in 1958

16 year old carl eider was homeless and

hitchhiking through san diego california

one morning aircraft worker tom

pendergast spotted him from his car and

gave him a lift he took pity on the boy

and offered him a place to stay while he

went off to work

tom and his family welcomed the boy in

their home the rest of tom’s day passed

by as usual

then after work he went straight home

where he found carl waiting outside the

front of the house

asking for another ride tom happily

helped the boy again and dropped him off

at a service station outside the town

little did he know that when he returned

home a scene of horror would be there to

greet him

his entire family had just been murdered

and he’d helped the killer escape

the police managed to capture eda

however he escaped from jail in 1974 and

hasn’t been seen

since just be careful who you pick up

so those were 10 hitchhiking horror

stories which one terrified you the most

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