Naruto had moments that made the fans tear up and several other moments which made them annoyed. There is a huge number of characters in the Naruto universe and obviously, there are both good and bad characters that the fans like.

Even though the series is finished now, many fans feel that some characters deserved to have a better ending to their story and that they should have continued living on instead of some villainous characters.

Naruto is one of the most popular and beloved manga and anime series of all time. With a rich backstory, well developed characters and a beautifully constructed world it is easy to see the appeal of such an amazing series. We get to see a majority of the characters’ deep backstories and take a dive into what makes the characters tick as well as seeing what makes up their motives and choices.

But unfortunately not every Naruto character gets the same level of detail and there are a number of characters that fans wished to have seen more of. In this video we will take a look at some of the most under-utilized characters in terms of backstories and the ones who deserved to have their rich history shown to fans. This includes a number of fan favourites such as some of the most powerful shinobi ever known, some of the show’s primary antagonists and evil masterminds as well as even characters with direct links to the central plot.

We will take a look at these characters and argue why we deserved to see more of them to fully understand their motives and choices. So get ready to go back into the land of the shinobi and the epic world of Naruto. What did you make of this list? Which one would you have wanted to have seen more of? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more Naruto related content!


naruto may have some awesome characters

with well-crafted backstories but

some members of the ensemble deserved


masashi kishimoto’s sensation naruto is


and loved for many things naruto and

many of the main characters in the show

and manga have extremely fleshed out

backstories that explain their

motivations and give them a wealth of


their past experiences shape who they

are in the present and make us


where their goals and choices come from

but with so many characters in the

naruto slate not every character gets

the same luxury

and there are some who unfortunately

don’t have the backstory that we would

love to see

while some of these characters are

teased throughout we never get a deep

dive into their history

and what makes them tick in this video

we’ll be taking a run

through the 10 characters in naruto who

should have had their own backstories

including members of famous clans some

of the most powerful shinobi in the

naruto world and some of the show’s

primary antagonists

get ready to naruto run through some of

the naruto characters that we should

have seen more of

first off the bat is one of the final

antagonists of the show

princess kaguya atsutsuki kaguya is the

former matriarch of the yatsutsuki clan

and the mother of hagamuro and hamura we

do know a little bit about kaguya and

the fact that during the endless war she

consumed the fruit of the god tree and

became the first known wielder of chakra

on earth

kaguya would then go on to merge with

the tree to become ten tales

we know that she came to earth to

harvest the fruit for her a clan and

eventually grew attached to the planet

but we don’t really know anything else

in regards to her backstory

as to who sent her and how did she

actually arrive on earth

it would have been interesting to have

seen kavya’s life off of earth and how

she came to

be but perhaps fitting in all this

content involving a bigger universe

might have been a bit too much

however this means that overall the

atsutsuki clan is somewhat of a mystery

and a deeper look in takagia and the

rest of her clan would have been greatly


one of the characters with the least

amount of backstory is actually one of

the most powerful

here is in saratobi harazen was actually

the third hokage of the hidden leaf

village and was a disciple of the

village’s previous two hokages

harazen was a tremendously powerful

ninja and at one point hailed as the god

of shinobi and his ninja skills were

much more adept than a number of


hirozin was so influential in fact that

generations of konoha shinobi benefited

from his wisdom and took on many of his


but for a character this powerful and

with someone who was actually directly

learned from two different hokages you’d

surely expect to delve deeper into their


but fans were left disappointed when

they didn’t get to see a glimpse of his

early days as a pupil let alone the days

during his prime and

instead left a lot to our imagination

with harrison’s power and skill we

surely deserve to at least have got a

slight flashback

another character renowned across the

shinobi world was the famous

and powerful ninja sakuma hatake also

known as konoha’s white fang

like hirozen sakamot was known for his

power and talents and was seen as one of

the strongest people in his village

some even claimed that he was more

powerful than the sunning and held more


so it’s safe to say that he was a pretty

powerful shinobi then

his son kakashi was a proven genius and

sokomo witnessed him past the entrance

exam to the academy

as kakashi was at the academy sokomo

went on a mission but after his

teammates lives were endangered sakumot

chose to abandon the important mission

to save them

sakamoto felt a great deal of dishonor

about his failure and the only scene we

see of him

is him committing suicide for his

failure before talking to kakashi in the


with such a wealth of power you’d think

this character deserves a deeper look at

his backstory

out of all the entries on this list

kushina uzumaki probably got the most

amount of backstory but it was arguably

still not enough

because we like backstory we do and as

greatest showman’s jenny lind would say

it’s never enough cushina was a

konohagakure konoichi

who originated from uzushiogakure’s

uzumaki clan and was the daughter of


she’s also the mother of naruto and the

wife of minato kashina at one point

also declared she wanted to be the first

female hokage

and spent her early life as a shinobi

before growing into jinshuriki

but unfortunately the backstory we see

in the series isn’t focused on the

character nearly enough

instead the focus is instead on how she


minato and how the two would go on to

live their lives together as opposed to

what their lives were like

prior to meeting such a headstrong

stubborn and eccentric character deserve

to have her deep backstory

shown instead of only being associated

with another and it is a shame that fans

only got to see a snippet of the

character’s history

going back to the villain of the series

another character who was arguably

unjustly given too little screen time

was the shinobi of darkness

danzo shimra danzo a member of the

shimra clan

and elder of the konohaga curry village

he was the founder and leader of

root and spent decades performing

suspicious deeds and taking fate into

his own hands

deciding what he thought was good for

the village of konohagakure

he is known therefore as being one of

the most evil villains in the show

and like sherlock’s moriarty was the

mastermind of a number of evil deeds

that happened throughout the

show in fact think of a horrendous

tragedy and danza was most likely behind

it but the issue is we never really

understood why he was as evil as he was

or why he acted the way he did

we know that he wanted the arguable best

for his village as well as his own set

of beliefs

but we never got a fleshed-out backstory

in the show that suggested why he went

down his path

and why he’s the evil genius that he is

the character of didara is the one

character that fans probably know the


about d’dahra is an s rank missing in

from iwagakure who

during his time in the village was a

member of the explosion corps

but after he defected from the village

he was forced into the akutskiy group

where he would be the youngest member

until his eventual death

in one short flashback we do see didara

fighting itachi uchiha and eventually


which is the factor that causes him to

join the akutskiy but

that’s basically it his life prior to

iwagakude was never really

shared and we never saw any deep look

into his relationships with those around


leaving him arguably as one of the most

shallow characters on the show

especially as it feels there was a lot

more to tell about the character and a

much deeper and rich backstory there

that the show could have explored

opportunity missed i guess

now we go over to a whole clan the

uchiha clan

first off is kagame uchiha kagami is one

of the only members of the uchiha clan

who actually didn’t get affected by the

curse of hatred which runs through the


instantly making him stick out from the

rest of his brood kogami like so many on

this list was actually seen as an

extremely powerful shinobi and was

heralded by the likes of danzo and

heroes in saratovi

which is high praise coming from them

but remarkably we see surprisingly

little of kogami throughout the series

he was very quickly hyped up to being

this powerful shinobi which fans assumed

he would have a heavy impact on the plot

or at least a number of appearances but

he scarcely seen throughout

fans would have undoubtedly liked to

have seen what a kind-hearted uchiha

looks like with a deep backstory but

sadly they didn’t get the chance

next member of the uchiha clan we’re

going to discuss is fugaku uchiha

fugaku was a known shinobi of

konohagakure and was the known leader of

the uchiha clan

as well as being the leader of the

konohan military force again i feel like

i’ve said this too many times now but

fugaku was known as one of the most

powerful shinobi of all time

and was known for his epic skills in

fact he was also the rival to minato

namakaze to be the fourth hokage

what we know of fugaku is actually

pretty darn epic with fuguku being an

active member throughout the third great

ninja war

and even ultimately tried to stage a

coup against the actual leader of konoha

seeing more of fuguku and learning more

about his backstory was something fans

were desperate to see

but sadly never got to although it would

have been great to have learned more

about fugaku and his motives

the last member of the uchiha clan we

are going to mention is

shisui uchiha shisui’s power arguably

eclipsed even that of fugaku and kagami

and he was seen as one of the most

powerful uchihas in naruto

lore and that is saying something known

as shisui of the body flicker

shisui was seen as a prodigious young

fighter and was a powerful character to

say the least

shisui had a big impact on the lives of

hitachi and sasuke and although we got

to see him as a part of hitachi’s story

we sadly never got to see his own one

but there feels like there was a lot

that the series could have explored

for instance like kagame why was he not

affected by the hatred curse

what actually was his role during the

third great ninja war

and how exactly did he awaken mangakiya


so many questions yet so little answers

i gots to know naruto

i gots to know last on the list as a

character we have mentioned

a few times in passing already and that

is the character of minato namakaze

known as the yellow flash minato is

naruto’s father and was the fourth

hokage of konohagakure

sadly minato died protecting his son

during the attack of the nine-tailed

demon fox’s attack

sacrificing his life to ensure that a

part of the ninetales went into naruto

as shinobis go minato was seen as one of

the very best

and according to jaraya he was one of

the likes that would only show up in


given his power how he was the fourth

hokage his importance to the plot and

the fact that he is naruto’s father

you would expect the series to explore

his backstory instead very little is

known about minato

and clan namakaze’s backstory with fans

left wondering

how he met kushina and his events during

the third great ninja war

given his heritage and the fact that

minato has such importance in the story

and his son naruto fans would have loved

to have seen

some more from the yellow flash and some

flashbacks to his early life

what did you make of this list who was

your favorite naruto character

which one would you have wanted to have

seen more of any we missed let us know

in the comments below and make sure to

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