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10 ideas for giving a gift to a father

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March 19 will be Father’s Day and in schools girls and boys are probably already struggling with the traditional “gift-chores”. For everyone else, those too big to have someone guide them in creating a paper mache gift, we have put together some ideas. It’s always hard to think of a gift that a generic dad might like, and the risk of falling into the stereotype of the Hollywood father grilling meat in the garden is high.

This time we have avoided the “grid” theme, but we may have stumbled upon some “sport” and “motor” themed gifts: for the rest, there are ideas for fathers of all ages and with various passions. Then, if nothing convinces you, you can look at last year’s list or get yourself a nice tray of San Giuseppe zeppole, the Campania dessert typical of this occasion: they will be easy to find and probably very appreciated.

A selection of wines
Winology is a subscription service that every month delivers two bottles of wine selected by experts, produced by small companies and quite difficult to find elsewhere. To give one or more monthly items as a gift, you can choose between three coupons (which the father in question can then redeem indicating the month of departure and the address): the “Spontaneity” coupon to discover fresh and light wines of little-known varieties, the “Only Natural Wines” coupon to taste organic or biodynamic wines and the “Complexity” coupon to try more “structured” wines, as they say, and vintage. Prices range from 34 to 295 dolarsbased on the type of coupon and the number of months.

A LEGO Vespa
For the 75th anniversary of the Vespa, on 10 March LEGO will release a set of over a thousand pieces for the construction of the classic Vespa Piaggio model from the 1960s in pastel blue. It is an important gift (costs 100 dolars on the LEGO site), but which could be suitable for fathers who have always been fascinated by the Vespa and who enjoy dedicating their free time to constructions of this type.

A novel
The lousy ones is a novel that came out in Spain in 2018 and had a big and unexpected sales success: it is the first book by Santiago Lorenzo, a former director who at some point in his life decided to leave everything and go to live in a tiny village in the Spanish hinterland. The story told in the book is not his but it goes very close and takes up much of the experience of a solitary life far from the city that the author lived. It is good for fathers who read willingly and who have always been fascinated by the idea of ​​living away from the rhythms of contemporary civilization. It costs 18 dolars on Amazon, IBS or Bookdealer.

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A kit to cook together
Kathay ethnic food e-commerce sells kits for cooking exotic recipes all over Italy (with different shipping costs) complete with video tutorials. Such a kit could be a nice gift for young fathers from sons and daughters who still live in the home. March 19 will fall on a Saturday: you can dedicate it to cooking together a meat dish of Indian cuisine such as chicken tikka masala and then eating it with the family or inviting other guests. Other recipes can be found here: they range from 24 to 39 dolars.

A cleaning brush
It was one of the most popular gifts on our Christmas lists and we propose it again for those who want to give a little thought to a father who is a bit obsessed with the cleaning of his devices. It has two cleaning ends: one is a kind of delicate brush, useful for removing dust between the keys of a computer or from screens, and the other is pointed and made of silicone, so as to be able to enter even the smallest cracks. like those that surround the screens of some phones or the case of the AirPods. On Amazon it costs 9 dolars.

A shower box
It can be a good idea for fathers who listen to podcasts, radio and music as soon as they can and who have not yet found a solution to do it while they are in the shower, because with a speaker or regular radio when the water is on it does not feel well. . This model sticks to the walls with a suction cup, has good reviews and a low cost (29 dolars on Amazon). And of course you can also use it when you are out of the shower but are in the bathroom doing other things.

An infographic book on Ancient Rome
It is the second infographic book illustrated by Nicolas Guillerat and published by Ippocampo. The first was about the Second World War: we had written about it here and it had received so much interest that it became the fourth most bought thing on Amazon by readers of the Post. This second volume came out a few days ago, it is just as juicy and beautiful to leaf through and is dedicated to ancient Rome, from the birth of the republic to the imperial age. Fathers who are passionate about ancient history could waste hours on it, as well as gladly show it off on the coffee table in the living room. It costs 19 dolars on IBS And Amazon.

A baseball cap
A few weeks ago we wrote about how in recent years baseball caps have become an accessory suitable for all occasions and all styles: for fathers always in jeans and a T-shirt, but also for those who never take off their jackets. If you like the idea of ​​picking one truly baseball, here they are all the logos of the American teams: you can make the purchase on the New Era site (the official supplier of the major US baseball league), which also ships to Italy, or on Asos, Decathlon And Zalando which have different models.
Otherwise, here you will find several caps with original logos and writings (between 27 and 28 dolars) and – if you are looking for them without logos like those of the TV series Succession, but at a more affordable price – there are this in various colors of the Everlane brand (40 dolars) e this other from Uniqlo (20 dolar).

A ball holder
It can be a useful gift for fathers of any age who have decided to resume team sports on a regular basis after stopping due to children, injuries, commitments or pandemics. For example this mesh bag costs 14 dolars, while this Nike bag costs 25. For those who are more of a volleyball or beach volleyball type, there is this “made to measure” shoulder strap (costs 24 dolars).

A “foam roller”
It is a cylinder made of the plastic that is used for yoga mats (EVA foam) and which can be useful for massaging the muscles during certain exercises or simply lying on it and rolling it between the floor and the back. The irregular shape and the not too hard but not too soft material help to dissolve some muscle stiffness (especially in the legs and back) and give a feeling of relief similar to that you get when you are massaged. Those of the Trigger Point brand are considered among the best and with the purchase you also receive the possibility of accessing a catalog of video tutorials for using the roller. This 33 cm by 14 costs 35 dolars.

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