The cameras in smartphones have shown huge improvements compared to the past. The manufacturers, who make their cameras better every day, continue to work to add features for users’ needs.

The cameras in smartphones have shown huge improvements compared to the past. The manufacturers, who make their cameras better every day, continue to work to add features for users’ needs. So much so that camera features have become an important factor in the decision-making process of the users. In this list we have prepared for you to use your phone’s camera more effectively, we list the 3 best camera apps for Android.

At the point where smart phone cameras came, a trend under the name of smart phone photography started. The users who take photos that make stones to professional cameras can even earn income from these photos. The best camera apps listed below provide you with more advanced features than the standard camera application on your phone, allowing you to take professional quality photos. Our Latest post: Best Instagram Tool And App

1. Z Camera – Photo Editing App for Android

Thanks to the Z Camera, we can add eye-catching filters to our photos either during or after shooting.

Z Camera can be defined as a photo editing application that we can use on our Android tablets and smartphones.

Thanks to this application, which we can download at no cost, we can make our photos visually more interesting. Therefore, we recommend this application to those who frequently use platforms that focus on photo sharing, such as Instagram and Tumblr. In this way, both your liking and interaction rate will increase.

The application has been kept as simple to use as possible. All the features we need are kept ready at the bottom of the screen. We can choose what we need and apply it directly to the photo.

With Z Camera, we can do the following on our photos;

  • We can add real time filters to our photos (during shooting)
  • We can apply ready-made filters directly by selecting the photos we have taken.
  • Thanks to the fast shooting mode, we can take a photo within 1 second.
  • Thanks to the HDR mode, we can get stunning HDR photos without any adjustments.
  • Offering an extremely comfortable experience in use, XXXX is a name that should be found on the devices of all Android device owners who are interested in taking pictures.

Since it has dozens of different filters, it definitely has an option for every taste.

Download Z Camera App:

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2. Cymera – Selfie And Photo Filtering App For Android

With the Cymera application for Android, you can easily take selfie photos and effect them.

The Cymera application is among the free applications that Android smartphone and tablet owners can take selfie photos in the fastest and easiest way on their mobile devices, and since the selfie trend is not so common, it is much better than many applications that are produced in a hurry.

If we take a brief look at its abilities;

  • Beautification options
  • Making collages
  • Filters
  • High end camera
  • Preparing albums
  • Effects

Thanks to these capabilities of the application, you can make your selfies more beautiful first, instead of sharing them directly after taking them. I believe your results are satisfactory, both thanks to the large number of filters and the camera’s functioning like professional cameras.

If you wish, you can take more than one selfie, add effects, filters and frames to all of them, then collage them in a single picture. The purchasing options included in the application allow you to expand your possibilities much more.

Since the application is among the useful applications prepared for those who do not want very simple applications but think that very professional applications are also challenging, I recommend you not to go without a look at Cymera.

Download  Cymera App:

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3. Google Camera – Advanced Camera App For Android

Download Google Camera APK, have the advanced camera app for your Android phone.

By downloading Google Camera APK, you will have the advanced camera application for your Android phone. Compatible with Pixel and Nexus phones and portrayed to Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, LG phones, Google Camera is a camera application that allows fast photo and video capture. The application, which offers different shooting modes, is completely free and available in English.

Google Camera, a camera application specially prepared for Android users, is an advanced camera application that brings the shooting modes offered by the camera on high-end smartphones and tablets to lower-level Android devices.

The application, which comes with a user interface with a simple design, offers you many shooting modes that allow you to bring the object to the foreground by giving a blur effect to the desired point, get 360-degree photos, and capture high-resolution panoramic images.

By dragging your finger from left to right, you can quickly access all shooting modes and camera / video settings. The best part of the application is that it shows you how to use the shooting modes.

This feature, which is considered for new smartphone and tablet users, automatically activates in all shooting modes and allows you to take the best shot.

From the settings menu, you can set the resolution of the back and front camera for your photos and videos, and access the panorama resolution and lens blur quality settings.

Google Camera Features;

  • HDR: The HDR feature allows you to take great photos in low-light or backlit scenes.
  • Video Stabilization: If your hands are shaking while taking videos in a stationary or moving state, you’ll love this feature.
  • Smartburst: All you have to do is press and hold the shutter button to turn your photo into an animated GIF.
  • Photo Sphere: Obtaining global photos you occasionally see on social networks is not as difficult as you think.
  • Lens Blur: Use this mode to blur the background, in other words give a bokeh effect.
  • Slow Motion: Capture stunning slow motion videos at up to 240 fps.

Download Google Camera APK:

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